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In A Cage
In A Cage
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Power Prog pop/rock with a 70's/80's flair
Today #60 in Progressive Rock subgenre
My Blue Period
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Band/artist history
In A Cage was conceived as a way to produce music that emulated my favorite 70's albums. Mostly in attitude and the eclectic nature of bands such as City Boy, Queen, 10cc and Brian Protheroe. The blue-print would have to be Sheet Music (10cc), Sheer Heart Attack (Queen) or Young Men Gone West (City Boy). While the songs lack the performance and production excellence of these bands, it was the starting point and the goal to get as close as possible. This premise mostly succeeded in letting me just please myself, as far as arrangements go. I just did whatever I felt that I would like to hear from a band doing these songs. Im not sure if that makes any sense... but, in the end, the songs have mostly an 80's and 70's type feel, filtered through my love of 60's music (mostly Beach Boys and Beatles here). There is pretty much nothing that has a modern feel (mostly intentionally). People that reviewed several of the songs seemed to often name David Bowie and Pink Floyd as influences - which is true, but I hadnt thought of any of these songs in that light! Id like to think that each song has thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics. In any case, a lot of time was spent on them. In the end result - Im looking for those few people out there that like variety in their music. I doubt anyone (but me) will like every In A Cage song, but, at the risk of sounding over-confident, it certainly is a niche that no one else is filling (and no one probably wants to!)...
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Your musical influences
eclectic pop/rock with an ear toward 60's, 70's and 80's. heavy guitars as well as pianos and acoustic guitars, with lotsa vocals. hopping through various genres excites us. Queen, 10cc, City Boy, Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie, Pink Floyd, ELO, Brian Protheroe...
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