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Lou Quarmwater
Lou Quarmwater
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Solo original acoustic songs looking for someone to beg,borrow or steal and make famous,because Lord knows I ain't got the guts.Taking the 'O' out of Country,if
The Ultimate Middle Aged One Man Boy Band
Band/artist history
Released one C.D.-Luke Warmwater S.O.L. but was unsatisfied with the results.As Ms.Corndog Brown once put it,"It sounds like when you leave the baby on top of the car,then drive away." I was taught to play guitar and make up lies that rhyme by future living legend "Healin'" Buck Naked.If you look up Musicalabilitymanship in your Hillbilly Dictionary you'll find his mugshot. It's my gift...its my curse.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Closet,Bedroom,Living Room,Bedroom Bathroom(for Acapella stuff only)
Your musical influences
My music has been described as Motherfolk meets New Country Gone Bad.Over the years I have very quietly yet cleverly stolen from the likes of The Beat Farmers ,Corndog Brown and the Truth Talkin' Rockets,Southern Culture On The Skids,The George Bushes,Honky Tonk Honkies from Hell,Alabama 3,The Headstones,the Fun Maggots,AC/DC(Bon Scott era),The Immortal Tom Price,Helen Highwater,Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra and on and on...but don't tell anyone or I'm in big shit.
What equipment do you use?
Safety Bear
Anything else?
I'm looking to spread my acoustical disease amongst the singer songwriters world to create an epidemic of tainted souls with primitive jungle rhythm...no wait!I'm looking to cleanse ALREADY tainted souls with an acoustical spongebath...yahhhh that's the ticket!
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