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Anthony Sims
Anthony Sims
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Merle Haggard crossed with Hank Jr crossed with some rock.. but my originals take on various flavors. Mostly play around the Chattanooga, Nashville, TN Clevelan
Just a guy from Ooltewah,TN (just outside of Chattanooga).. I've playing around at Honky Tonks, Barn-Parties, & the Plowboy Mansion Dance Hall for about 10yrs now on weekends. Get a chance to play on Broadway in Nashville every now & then.
Band/artist history
My "band" history & its beginnings are very clear, started when I was about 6yrs old in the mountains of western virginia. I heard Chuck Berry play Johnny B. Goode on TV.. something snapped in me & I said to myself..thats all I want, I want to be good enough to play Johnny B. Goode in front of a crowd. A few years later my dad got me my 1st guitar then it all started. I learned & played rock through middle school & high school but I always loved country. By my senior year I was playing live on the weekends at the "Pickin Barn" in Ringgold,GA & various other area dance-halls. In 1998 I opened my own country club in Cleveland,Tn called "The Plowboy Mansion"..my band performed there for 3 straight years & averaged 450-500 per night on weekends. Since closing I have continued playing around town & occasionally in Nashville (thanks to friends like Damon Gray, Bart Hanson, Jackie Harris)..
Your musical influences
Merle Haggard, Elvis, Hank Jr, Yoakam, George Jones, old Steve Wariner stuff, Razzy Bailey, various 70's to early 90's Rock bands.. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Delbert McClinton
What equipment do you use?
My main rig are various hopped up Fender Tele's.. 100 watt combo amps & Roland GP-8 processors (great compression & analog effects for Country & southern rock)
Anything else?
Thanks to following my dream I had at age 6, I obtained that dream & much more.. in July of 98 I got to play with Merle Haggard & his son Noel.. That was a great day
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