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jekyll-and-hyde - Electronica dance duo. Described as soft cell 2000 this band writes retro 80's style pop dance music. If you like classic 80's bands such as E
JEKYLL-AND-HYDE RELEASE NEW ALBUM Chart-topping electronica band jekyll-and-hyde is set to release a second album on Monday 9th October 2006 on Optimum Records. Titled evolver, the follow-up to 2004s debut release deviator, jekyll-and-hyde has looked to expand both its musical horizons and its fanbase an evolver in every sense. The group has had worthy commercial success and industry acclaim so far, including five internet chart number 1s. Now the retro-electro world is their oyster. Taking from the finest electronica artists of the 1980s, jekyll-and-hyde have boldly created music as much nostalgic for that decade as forward looking. Within a short space of time and with limited press exposure, the group has relied on its raw talent and its keen ear for mixing and sampling. Their five number 1s achieved when unknown and unsigned to a major label is testament to their abilities and the previously untapped market for vintage electro in the noughties that the group have now championed. The masses were crying out for a synth-based duo to take the reins; jekyll-and-hyde stepped in. jekyll-and-hyde achieved instant artistic merit right from the off, when they were shortlisted finalists in the Future Music Group award for best undiscovered original songwriting from over 8,500 entries in 2000. Word spread among the electro cognoscenti, and within a year the group was playing to crowds of over 30,000 at outdoor radio events the only unsigned act to vie with the likes of Liberty X, Fragma and Tina Cousins for the crowds adoration. By 2002, after a string of triumphant performances, the group signed to the German independent dance label Cream Records. 2004 saw their debut album deviator released to instant commercial acclaim as part of a collaboration between Cream and b&b records. The single If I Could Only reached number 1 in the internet electronica chart in September 2005, after the successful launch of the groups website (with an incredible 4000 hits a month), with Invisible reaching the top spot in the internet dance chart two months later. Early 2006 saw jekyll and hyde again reach number 1, with their single SMS, and in August agreed on a distribution deal with Silverword Music Group. Now evolver is soon to hit the world, and the anticipation is growing. jekyll-and-hyde is as impressive speaking of their music as they are making it: We want to take it to the masses to gain notoriety and respect for all we strive to achieve. We have remained true to ourselves throughout and relentlessly hung in there through thick and thin. This honesty and single-mindedness has been key to their success, and evolver is set to prove them right at every level. The band describes the record as a highly addictive rush, borderline meticulous new romantic reconstruction. Internet opinion has been unanimous: What you have here is gold! declares one satisfied customer, with the track Invisible described as awesome. Over 80 online independent radio stations have been converted to jekyll and hyde, in particular the evolver singles If I Could Only and Invisible The band are now being mentioned in the same breath as Soft Cell and Erasure high compliments indeed, though certainly not out of place. A unique feature of jekyll-and-hyde is that their music can be appreciated at different stages of conception and production. For us, exploitation means allowing the listener to be an integral part of the process and journey in which our tracks undertake from origination to mastering, which would be for most bands, the demo phase. By this, we mean a very precious time, when a track, in its infancy, is both vulnerable and corruptible. This emphasis on the pure artistry of creation and experiment has given them this deserved respect, while staying humble and focused as people. Even a legal threat from the Bee Gees (for the attempted sampling of their hit Stayin Alive) is testament to the high-profile attention they are receiving as serious artists. With an album containing 11 incredible dance anthems and five number 1s, evolver is the future of nostalgia.
Band/artist history
Short-listed from over 8,500 entries, Jekyll and Hyde started out as regional finalists in the Future Music Publishing undiscovered originals songwriting competition. Performed to crowds in excess of 30,000 at outdoor radio events, supporting acts including Tina Cousins (Sash!), Fragma, Damage, Sleaze Sisters, Liberty X and many more. Signed to German independent dance/techno label Cream Records in 2002. B&B Music Ltd. formed 2002 encompassing all aspects of Jekyll & Hyde interests. 2003 Jekyll and Hyde become members of the GEMA. 2004 Invisible Debut single release for Jekyll and Hyde in Germany on Cream Records. 2005 launch of www.jekyll-and-hyde.com the new online home of Jekyll and Hyde. 2005 Deviator the debut Jekyll and Hyde album released under B&B records and Cream Records. Sept 2005 "If I Could Only" reaches No1 in Soundclick Electronica Chart. 7 Nov 2005 "Invisible" reaches No1 in the Soundclick Dance chart and "If I could Only" simultaneously re-hits No1 in the Electronica Chart. Dec 2005 "Change reaches No1 in the Dance chart. Feb 2006 "SMS" reached No1 in the Pop Chart.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, love it. All gigs are special but the bigger the better!
Your musical influences
Fisher Spooner,Yazoo, Erasure, Soft Cell, Heaven 17, Depeche Mode, Paul Van Dyk, Aurora, Fragma, DJ Sakin, The list is truely endless.
What equipment do you use?
Access Virus, Alesis Andromeda, Roland, Korg MS2000, Korg Electribe, Propellerhead Reason, Recycle, Hypersonic, Stacks of Soft Synths, Cubase SX2
Anything else?
Download a copy of the Deviator Debut Album FREE FREE FREE at www.jekyll-and-hyde.com
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