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Music producer Jay Davis started producing music (mostly Hip-Hop) in 2001 at the young age of 16. He has a very versatile and innovative style that has really been influenced by some of the big name producers in the music industry such as Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Mannie Fresh, Lil' Jon, DJ Paul & Juicy J, The Runners, The Neptunes, and Scott Storch. Over the years, Jay Davis has been working on tweaking and perfecting his style, trying to separate himself from other producers and be placed in a league all of his own. While focusing mainly on Hip-Hop, Jay Davis has experimented with other genres of music such as R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, and Jazz, hoping to one day hale a production style that knows no boundaries. Born Johnathen A. Baker in Berkeley, CA on March 30, 1985 and later in 1997 changing his name to Johnathen A. Davis-Green, came up with his stage name "Jay Davis" relatively easy by taking the first letter of his first name and adding the letters "a" and "y" to make it appear like a real name rather than just a single letter, and taking "Davis" which is the first of his two last names and simply putting them together. Over the years Jay Davis has played roles other than producer such as recording and mixing engineer, songwriter, and even rapper but after a while, playing all those other roles began to take its tole on him and with not being very interested in trying to make a career in those other aspects of music, Jay Davis decided to drop everything and focus strictly on producing. Every now and then he brings out the pin and pad and works on his song writing ability hoping to one day write songs for R&B and Pop artists. From 2001 to 2005, Jay Davis was also an in-house producer for the rap group Hard Hittaz which was ran by his older cousin Albert (Karazz) Redman Jr. After not being happy with the direction that the group was going in on both the music and business side, Jay Davis decided to part ways with Hard Hittaz and even though he's no longer on their roster, he still works with Hard Hittaz to this very day producing a large percentage of their material. While being very creative and universal with his music, Jay Davis has a style that is known to be very melodic and bass heavy no matter what genre of music he's working on. Lots of synthesizers, layered drums, ethnic instruments, sound effects, strings, pianos, and guitar riffs can be heard in his tracks along with many different types of chord progressions. His focus is always to try and out do himself time and time again; a challenge that has been both fun but difficult at times. On average, Jay Davis will produce four to five tracks a day and spends about 30 minutes to an hour working on a track, but there have been several occasions where he's put together tracks in as little as ten minutes and times where he's spent two days working on a track. He has always kept his production set up simple and is not too fond of using tons of gear and equipment to produce a track. Jay Davis is a big fan of just about any piece of hardware (old or new) that has a built-in sequencer and while the MPC remains to be an industry standard piece of equipment and the favorite for most producers, he isn't sold on it and rarely uses it in his production. For Jay Davis it's not about the gear, it's about the person using the gear and he may not of always had the most lavish and expensive production set up, but you would never be able to tell from the quality of his music and has effectively been getting the job done since day one. Jay Davis has been recognized by people who have heard his music as one of the most talented unknown producers in northern California. He hopes to one day influence other up and coming producers the way that he's been influenced by his idles and is looking forward to leaving his stamp on popular music. Confident as ever, his goal is to take the music industry by storm and bring something fresh and new to the table that's never been heard before. As talented as he is, Jay Davis has vowed to never stop trying to get better and will always continue to experiment and stay original. On the personal side of things, Jay Davis is a junky for physical fitness and being in shape and is an avid basketball player (his favorite sport and biggest love next to music) and is so competitive with a drive to always want to win, you'd think he was in the pro's. "With the belief and a positive attitude, there's nothing on this earth that a person can't do," explains Jay Davis and it's that kind of drive and dedication that keeps him searching for ways to improve and broaden his music-making ability.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm working on that and I hope to be playing live very soon.
Anything else?
What's up people? Welcome and thank you for coming to my soundclick page to check out my tracks. If you come across anything that sounds good to you and you're interested in making a purchase, just contact me via the contact information that I have provided on my page. All leased tracks will be delivered as a 2-track in mp3 format via email. All exclusive rights tracks will be delivered tracked out and zipped in either wav or aif format (your choice), along with a 2-track mp3 via email. All tracks will be delivered within 24 hours of a payment being received. The pricing for all individual tracks is set and is non-negotiable but I do give awesome deals and discounts on packages (packages are purchases of three or more tracks at one time). Only serious inquiries are wanted and if you're on here looking or hoping to get something for free, PLEASE LEAVE NOW!!! Thank you, peace & love, and God bless! Much love, Jay Davis
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