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Gypsy Rumba
Gypsy Rumba
tarzana, CA  USA
August 17, 2005
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We are Roma Rumba! We play the style's of Flamenco Pop, Traditonal Gypsy Music and much more.
Band/artist history
Music Has been around our family for many years. I've first picked up the guitar at an early age of, 4 years old. My great grandfather, Vine Stevens, was one of the best, world known roma musician's. My great uncles, Dewy & Joe Stevens, played all sorts of instruments, Guitars, accordions, bouzoukis, mandolins and much more. And since then they have passed on their talents of music to the rest of the generation, Including my uncles and cousin's, That have passed on the tradition to us, and taught us how to play music with a passion and with our heart and soul. Our Styles of Music Include: Flamenco Pop, Bolero, Greek, Serbian, Flamenco Fusion, and We've created our own style of a blend of American Pop music with the rich and fiery Spanish Flamenco beat and rhythm. Our style of music is gypsy swing / greek, But the past 10 years we have picked up a new style and learned the rythms of spanish flamenco. The styles from; The Gipsy kings, Alex fox, Ottmar Liebert, Luis mejia, Strunz & Farah, Jessie cook and many more. The Band: John Marino (Lead Guitarist) Kevin Moreno (Rhythm Guitarist)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live, private parties in Los Angeles ca.
What equipment do you use?
Just A Keyboard & Guitar's. (Recording using Kristal Audio Engine (KAE) & M-audio sound card)
Anything else?
Visit Our website at: http://www.RomaRumba.com
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