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Kev Green aka Larry Byrds
Kev Green aka Larry Byrds
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Kev Green A.K.A. Larry Byrds repp'in the midwest for real! Come check me out!
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What's good?? This ya boy Kev Green AKA Larry Byrds Live from Racine, Wisconsin. If you F#*kin with me, you f#*kin with the best. I got that fire ass whatever you need. This is my life's theme music from me to you. I spit the truth. No phony studio stories, this is straight up gettin money, hustlin, cop it, whip it, and flip it, out there gettin' it shit. This that jump fresh, hit the club on 20 somethin's, step in, steal the show, and leave out with somethin breathtakin type shit. So kick back, roll up somethin good, and enjoy!! THE NEXT BIG THANG - COMING SOON!!!
Band/artist history
The Mid West's Finest, Mid West's Flyest, and the Mid West's Highest!! Come to my town and ask the streets my history. I do this for real!! This is true life Hustla music. Like I said, this is a True Hustla's theme music. Listen and Love it!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I play live. Book me for a show in your town. Leave me an E-Mail with your phone number and we can talk business.
Your musical influences
Beanie Sigel, Jigga, Snoop, Cash Money, BIG, You know... The Legends.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever they got wherever I'm recording, long as they know how to use it.
Anything else?
Be on the lookout for new music added weekly!! I know y'all lovin this new shit I just put on here. Keep checkin back with ya boy. CD's will be available FOR SALE SOON!! I got a DVD movie comin soon!!! Me and my crew going state to state doin shows, promoting, sellin and handin out CD's, at the SOURCE awards, blowin big DRO, you know, just like a documentary of how we do the day to day, ya dig?? Oh yeah, the DVD features PIMPIN KEN, LIL FLIP, DAVID BANNER, HUMP,RED AND LIL RON OF SUCKA FREE RECORDS, 420 OUTLAAWS, D-MO, GANGSTA BOO, PIMP FATHER DIVINE, AND YOURS MUTHA F#@KIN TRULY!!!! I told y'all I do this for real!!! Holla back at ya boy...
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