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Faded Suede
Faded Suede
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Influenced and inspired by all these and more: blues, old school country, americana, alternative rock, indie rock, punk rock, underground, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco,
Faded Suede hearkens back to a time when rock 'n roll had less boundaries and was more experimental. They mix their underlying rock tendencies with the music that inspired it, including blues, old style country, early Sun-era rock n' roll, and legendary rock from the 60s to today. Throw in some folk, indie, and punk sensibilities and influence and you have the general musical foundation of Faded Suede.
Band/artist history
Erik and Drew met in the spring of 2005. They soon realized that their tastes in music were similarly varied and that their ambitions and talents were complimentary so they decided to start playing music together. Drew brought in bass player Don Hokanson from his former band Tasteless Willard and Erik brought in veteran drummer Nate Dahl (The Suspects, Billy Ugly). Currently they are rehearsing as a band and plan on playing shows in the fall of 2005.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played a few live shows at coffeehouses. We're basically getting our feet wet while we rehearse as a band and get our stuff together. By far our favorite place that we've played so far has been the White Rock Coffeehouse in St. Paul. It's a nice, homey place with great chocolate cake.
Your musical influences
Uncle Tupelo, The Beatles, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Hank Williams Sr., Pink Floyd, Muddy Waters, Son House, The Rolling Stones, Son Volt, Black Crowes, David Bowie, Gov't Mule
What equipment do you use?
Erik: Casino-esque hallow bodied Epiphone electric guitar, Sigma acoustic guitar(Korean Martin), Cortez 12 string acoustic guitar, Artisan lap steel guitar, Fender Mandolin, Lime Green Epiphone bass guitar, Nady Microphones, Yamaha 4-track cassette recorder, nameless maracas, tamborine, and egg shakers
Anything else?
We are passionate about music and are intersted in hearing other bands who are as well. If there are any bands that would like to swap CDs just email fadedsuede@inbox.com with the information.