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Enobi has been captivating the world with her live performances for over 2 years. Now, with the release of her eagerly anticipated debut album, Girly's Revenge,
My music is the answer to the masculine and hyper-aggressive sound thats portrayed in the Urban music industry. My love for Reggaeton and Latin music comes across in several songs off the Girlys Revenge album.
Band/artist history
Enobi has been captivating the world with her live performances for over 2 years. Now, with the release of her eagerly anticipated debut album, Girly's Revenge, this bold enchantress proves that creating an intoxicating modern classic takes time, but is well worth the unbearable wait. Girly's Revenge is compounded with a solid foundation of exquisite lyrics and exceptional melody. She wrote all of the album's 14 tracks and further stepped up her game by serving as the album's sole executive producer. Her project's vibrantly stimulating fusion of Latin inspired hip-hop and r&b is imaginative beyond her years. Although Enobi's innovative sound is sophisticated and street-smart; her album still maintains an aura of innocence, sass, and sexuality. Recorded in New York, Canada, and Atlanta, Girly's Revenge finds Enobi: ripe...yet youthful, seductive...yet assertive, and cocky...yet unguarded. This album enables listeners to become acquainted with Enobi in a distinctive and truly intimate light; thanks to an edgy assortment of flirtatious beats, lyricism, and melody. She refuses to allow herself to be easily defined or pigeonholed by the Industry. The club bangin' girl's anthem, Lower to the Ground, (the revenge tale of a girl at the height of her confidence, being pursued by her ex, who dissed her in the past) not only displays Enobi's superior vocals, but also her tantalizing lyrical flow. The album's many highlights also include "O.M.K". (Open Mouth Kissing), which pays homage to the art of the tongue; Fever, a hypnotically original head-banger spinning in clubs all over NYC and Atlanta; and Papi, the Latin influenced track, which has been released on many hip-hop/r&b compilations in the NYC area. Throughout Girly's Revenge, Enobi expresses herself in a sweet and charming manner, but with the bravado of a hip-hop starlet. However, the allure of her flirtatious and enticingly girly nature leaves audiences begging for more. From start to finish, Girly's Revenge is a nonstop series of delightfully wicked treasures that irresistibly match or surpass that of the hottest sounds on the market. The title track Girly's Revenge is an impressive feat given that it was highly sought after by one of hottest female artists in the Industry. Enobi professes, "I leave the boys in tears. I know how to get at them." Indeed, the genuine boricua from Uptown Manhattan is playfully coy in her lyrical brilliance. Girly's Revenge is an extraordinary album that leaves no doubt in the truth of her charge, "My name is Enobi; I think you better know me."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time. I love to perform and connect with my fans.
Your musical influences
Mary J and Lauren Hill are my R & B influences. I love Latin, reggae, and Reggaeton music as well
Anything else?
I am very girly with an edge. My style and personality come across in the cover art. I love horses, unicorns, cowboy boots and hello kitty. My music is very experimental because I have so many different influences. I write and arrange all of my music. I control what I look like and what I say.