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Graydon Smith
Graydon Smith
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Influences include Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Alice in Chains, The Pixes, Beck, Nick Drake, the Shins, Cat Power, The New Pornographers, Iron and Wine, Bright Ey
Inspired by artists like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Beck ... I started fiddling around with a microphone, acoustic guitar, and discovered how much I enjoy making personal music that reveals my deepest emotions. Creating music has become a therapeutic device for me as I capture a mood on my guitar and then start recording as I sing whatever comes to mind, allowing the melody and words to be "of the moment" and completely spontaneous. A writer by profession, I love the freedom of not putting the lyrics on paper and simply allowing my heart to talk and say whatever it feels without censoring. And the end result is the songs I've created and now look back on to discover more about myself based on what I say through improvisational singing.
Band/artist history
At 17, I started playing drums and writing lyrics for a few different bands I played with, preferring to hide behind my drum kit while allowing others to use my words. Now, many years later, I've found myself missing being a part of creating my favorite form of art. So in 2005, I began playing guitar and using other instruments while trying to get my voice to hold notes as I present "freeform" lyrics. And I absolutely love it. By the end of this year, I hope to have created my first CD to capture my songs and the emotions they reveal so I can look back on them down the road and remind myself of where I was while creating this music. I hold no dreams of making a living with music, but enjoy creating it and like to share it with those that want to listen.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Most of my songs start with my acoustic guitar, though I do add other instruments to a handful of songs, and then after creating an acoustic song that mirrors my feelings, I hook-up my microphone and start singing, organically creating words and melody without thought or ideas, letting the music yank the words from my heart. My biggest influences include Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Beck, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Alice in Chains, The Shins, and I also find myself influenced by daydreams and people I've met. To describe my music is impossible for me, and I feel that every song is different from any other I've created. I do enjoy alternative rock, indie pop, and folk music, and find my songs most comfortable in one of those categories.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Acoustic Guitar, a Shure Mic, Cubase, Lexicon Omega, a MIDI keyboard, and a down-right cheap electric guitar.
Anything else?
I like hearing and promoting new indie artists, and have created a website to do this at Check out my website for fans of alternative and indie music: http://www.indiemusicxposed.com
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