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bobs jam music
bobs jam music
9 Tracks
this is all me, my guitar, a bong, a bunch of beer, and nyquil........seriously
Draggin' It
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Peak in sub-genre #22
Untitled Acoustic
Wave Good-bye
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UNfinished Untitled
thanks for stoppin by and checkin out my shit....because thats what it is...shit....i recorded these songs on a boss mr-1180 10 track digital recording device and the distorted songs sound like an old man tryin to have sex with a turtle but as long as you listen, get what im going for, and dig it....then thats all i need
Band/artist history
im a singer , guitarist, i play a little bit of drums.....ive been in 3 bands and what youll be hearing from this site is just what ive recorded in the past 8 months......4 months which i spent recording and the other 4 tryin to find a way to get my music on the fuckin internet (thanks a lot curtis) i was in my first band in 11th grade of high school. we practiced almost everyday for 6 to 8 months then we went to ohio to cut a 3 song demo and ended up paying way too much money for it and we were played on a few radio stations for awhile and was voted most requested on x 106.3 then we played at sharkeys and our high school talent show and our guitarist left for musical differences and we fell apart one at a time afterwards. the bands name was downcast me and kris reynolds (bassist for downcast) started writing songs directly after the breakup and kris dropped the bass and picked up a guitar and we wrote for nearly a year and found a bassist and drummer 2 hours away from home and started practicing in kentucky every weekend and kris was kicked out of the band within 5 practices because he wasnt willing to change the songs we had written. we were given the chance to record for free in a brand new studio and even had an open spot on a soundtrack for a movie but i followed kris and left the band because the other two musicians had some "bad habits" kris is now in "backfold" a year ago i found myself lonely and hurt and had so much to say and write and plenty of material already written and out of nowhere i get a call from jason bartram (guitars) and jeremy wolfe (drums) and i ended up joining their band and we had some practice sessions for awhile but i found myself pushing myself away from the band because of personal reasons and jeremy left the band within 2 months of it starting and soon thereafter it ended now a year later with my head on straighter than ever i have joined back up with jason and a new drummer josh and we were writing and sitting up a studio and the same shit pretty much happened....no one really gave any effort and i couldnt practice because my equipment was locked up in jasons house so i went and grabbed my shit and took it all to my uncle's where me and him write as he plays drums like a crazy mother fucker (youll find out soon enough) because i bought the digital recording studio and weve got 3 new songs.....we should include some drums soon and then some vocals....maybe within a month or so well have new stuff up on here (not promising) but ill definitely have new shit on here sometime sooner or later
Have you performed in front of an audience?
as of right now im gettin people together to hopefully turn some of these samples into full length songs and i HAVE played live a few times, i loved the experience and hopefully ill get to do it again but its not going to be another year or so
Your musical influences
nine inch nails, soundgarden, alice in chains, tool, a perfect circle, smashing pumpkins, etc.
What equipment do you use?
black beauty les paul, reed man acoustic/electric, seagull 12 string acoustic, rogue 4 string bass, marshall avt2000 amp, kustom pa system, boss br 1180 digital recording studio, akg perception 200 mic, line 6 digital delay pedal
Anything else?
i just want to thank everyone who has been visiting my page everyday ive been watching the charts and watching how many times the songs have played and there have been very VERY few days with no plays and you've also helped me get some of my songs really high on the charts and for that i say thank you ....keep your eyes open for new songs
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