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BFA feat Drama
BFA feat Drama
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ain't nothin much to say. BFA feat. Drama pretty much say it all.
Band/artist history
Well I been me since I been breathin. Some of the other cats I be bringin in to the songs, I known em for years. Even some people I ain't kno, I jus be runnin up to people on the street and say "can you sing?" "can you rap?" (laughs) it ain't nothin.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Naw I ain't play live, not really intendin to. I ain't in this for the fame, I'm in it for the love.
Your musical influences
Anyone can tell a story in a song, an anybody can listen, someone that can tell the story they want to tell and grasp people to the point they understand it is an influence to me. As long as you can tell your story honestly and not BS anything, you got my respect.
What equipment do you use?
Wat do you use wen you broke? I prolly use F.Loops sooner or later. I ain't use nothin really but the basic things, I get high tech every now and again, but stick with the basics exclusively.
Anything else?
Nothin really, wat you want me to say? My problems? aight my Mic's messed up, my computers crashed an I lost like 70 songs which means I gotta start from scratch but it don't mean nothin now so I ain't gonna bitch about it! B.F.A is the angel that flies over the streets. The Watcher. Drama is the one who looks upon earth as hell. The Storyteller. So deal with it!