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Chris Whitehead (Moonlit Rain)
Chris Whitehead (Moonlit Rain)
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A blend of Blues,Jazz,& Rock featuring Chris Whitehead & Friends.
Miss you madly
Today #94 in Pop Rock subgenre
When Lovers Kiss
Today #40 in Smooth Jazz subgenre
Spanish Flame
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Dance with me by Chris Whitehead @ iTunes/Spotify
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A taste of different types of guitar based music. I do enjoy seeing where multi lead guitar breaks take me.Sometimes they clash but other times they can make the music come alive.
Band/artist history
The Moonlit Rain page started in sept 2002, is hopefully going to be a musical notepad of jams and songs, played solo and with various friends.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No....... Just a bedroom guitarist
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix,Dave Gilmour, SRV , Gary Moore & George Benson are my favourite guitarists. Others include The Edge, All steely Dan guitarists. Jeff "The Skunk" Baxters solo on "My old school" is out of this world. It depends on the decade really but just about any type of music gives me a buzz. I love rhythmic guitar and multi lead guitar breaks. My favourite album is "Rainbow Bridge" by Hendrix ,and "Pali Gap" my favourite track.It's a little dated but still amazing music, as is "Tin pan alley" or "Lenny" by SRV. Dave Gilmours beautiful solo at the start of "shine on",is out of this world. The best description of the music would be slightly Jazzy,Rockish,Blues .
What equipment do you use?
Daws - On the older songs I used Sonar and on the newer ones Ableton. Lots of different amps...although Bias Amp mostly now. Guitars - All kinds ...it depends on the sound I'm after
Anything else?
Yeah, please leave a message on the message board. It's good to hear from anyone who checks out the site. The music may have a few rough edges,and the odd bum note but hey that's life :D (and I hate re-doing stuff). Hope you find something you like. Cheers Chris.W
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