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australian based mainly instrumental synth concentrated experimental industrial/IDM/EBM/electronica.. Major influences include Ohgr, Skinny puppy, kmfdm, the k
a mainly instrumental experimental industrial / idm / ebm /electronica solo project of Australian Chais "tVItkh" kennedy.
Band/artist history
honestly im pretty boring, you probably dont wanna know about me.. you would had to of been there :P :D my solo material doesnt have much of a history. ive been at it since late 05 to present, & ive sadly only had a gig or two so far, like ive stated. & other old bands ive been apart of dont really have much of a history :P we get drunk / stoned & would play a cover or two & pass out :P (probably to much info & not really suitable for mentioning.) as a band in the past weve really kinda sucked with any progress due to unreliability & other slightly more important things, but now that were having a break from eachother, going our sepperate ways & doing our own solo stuff, were finally progressing quite nicely & producing alot of material. & im now colaborating with a few people on some side projects & getting more serious about it than ever before.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
honestly not really as yet. I have done a couple of / and are hopefully going to performing another couple of dj sets of my material in the not to distant future. i mean, i guess sometimes i just randomly play my stuff at partys :P :) but nothing much perticularly special in the way of full on gigs yet sadly. hopefully it will pick up in the future!
Your musical influences
Skinny Puppy, Ohgr, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Tim Skold, Kmfdm, Mdfmk, Rammstein, NIN, Sonic mayhem, Laibach, Hanzel Und gretyl, Slick Idiot, shotgun messiah, Motley Crue, Evestus, alan parsons projekt, cheap trick, pink floyd, APC, Pig/Pigface, Neon Womb, Prodigy, Opeth, mudvayne, Arch Enemy, Rabbit Junk, Stark, Neon Womb, En Esch, Cylikon, Aphex Twin, M.W.Gacy, Hazmat, Front Line Assembly, Nocturne, Pendulum, Gary Numan, Coal Chamber, Mike Patton, Big Black, Black Sabbath, Bauhaus, Alien Sex fiend, antiworld, sid vicious, david bowie, Wes Borland, Das Ich, the knife, mdfmk, Rx, Noisia, & heaps more...
What equipment do you use?
anything & everything i can get my hands on, alot of random programs mostly, mainly just orion: platinum & audacity/windows sound recorder, but i have been known to very rarely use soundforge & fruity loops, & ofcourse many other random little standalone progs / plugins & vst / vsti synths, voicechangers, drum machines, bass & guitars, & a crappy cheap microphone :P :) fairly low on resources, & highly experimental stuff really. my computer & orion does most of the work though. but like i said, mainly just orion though, you can do everything with it.
Anything else?
It took a lot of nights without sleep, alot of gathering of material, alot of help from very patient friends, alot of stressing out & thinking too hard, alot of losing songs halfway trhough, alot of spontaneity & alot of drinking / smoking to come up with quite alot of this material. my songs have many different 'changes' throughout them & alot of them contain what would be concidered as more than 1 song in one, if that makes sense. i think in some cases people really have to have alot of patience to listen to some of them, & must obviously be familiar with & enjoy the genre / style i think.. & you also have to have a nice quality loud & bassy system to listen to it on, or really niceheadphones, not a horrible tiny cheap tinny pair of speakers. the whole tVItkh project started late 2005 & is still going strong today. www.myspace.com/twitchkk
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