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Waxing The Sun
Waxing The Sun
2 Top 100
45 Tracks
I Want A Little Girl
Peak position #76
Lord, You Have Too Many Lovers
Peak in sub-genre #49
No Ordinary Man
Peak in sub-genre #69
Don't It Feel Good Now
Peak in sub-genre #65
No Ordinary Man
Waxing The Sun is the Melbourne pop band that Adrian Rosenfeldt founded in 1987. With twelve releases over ten years, and a 4-CD compilation and film documentary, Waxing The Sun's history is a whole world in itself. To dip into the world of Waxing the Sun click on the Music link on the main menu where you can listen to their vast and varied musical output. By clicking on the video on the main page you can also view some of the Waxing the Sun film clips as well as a preview of the film documentary Sunstruck.
Your musical influences
The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Hank Williams.
What equipment do you use?
Vox amps, Hammond organs, leslie speakers, rode microphones.
Anything else?
WAXING THE SUN MIDDLE CLASS MAN (1987) Shaking and Scraping Middleclass Man Voice From Hell Australia Jailbreak * All songs Copyright 1987 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * AC/DC/Adrian Rosenfeldt. WAKE UP! (1988) Kermit The Execution * Tulip Blue Oh No! Another Brick In The Wall * Proposed To Get Married All songs Copyright 1988 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * Paul Kelly, Pink Floyd/ Adrian Rosenfeldt. SPOONING THE MOON (1990) Spooning The Moon I'm On My Own The Troll Shifting My Sands Don't It Feel Good Now No Ordinary Man All songs Copyright 1990 Adrian Rosenfeldt. JULIE (1991) Julie Hello * Mad Organ Kiss * Blue Suede Shoes * Hang On To Yourself * Party Sequence/Alcohol All songs Copyright 1991 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * The Doors, Prince, Carl Perkins, David Bowie. I WANT A LITTLE GIRL (1991) I Want A Little Girl Big Brown Bag You Are My Sunshine * Gotta Keep Me Alive All songs Copyright 1991 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * Oliver Hood/Brian Wilson/Adrian Rosenfeldt. JUST NEED A LITTLE SOMETHING TO SEE (1992) Just Need A Little Something To See No One Can Hurt You This Way You Sexy Thing/Cadillac/Spooning The Moon * Marry You Mine White Light/White Heat * Sorrow * All songs Copyright 1992 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * Hot Chocolate/Adrian Rosenfeldt, Lou Reed, David Bowie. LORD, YOU HAVE TOO MANY LOVERS (1993) Don't Try To Flatter Your Benefactor Here What Kind Of Fool Are You? Lord, You Have Too Many Lovers Mad To Be Mad Asylum All songs Copyright 1993 Adrian Rosenfeldt. MY WILL IS BROKEN (1994) My Will Is Broken Little Girl I Found Out * It Still Feels Good Now C'mon Baby Let's Go Downtown (Live) * I Found Out (Live) * All songs Copyright 1994 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * John Lennon, Neil Young. WEAK AND FREE (1995) Weak And Free Something Alive Invincible Girl * Slow Decline I'm Not Turning It On My Will Is Broken So Bright And So Bold Don't Flatter Your Benefactor Something Alive/Alt So Bright And So Bold/Alt All songs Copyright 1995 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * Adrian Rosenfeldt/Nick Gates. WHERE'S MY GIRL GONE? (1996) Where's My Girl Gone? My Will Is Broken Give Me A Reason Something Alive Lost Highway * Pale Blue Eyes * Does Nobody Know How To Treat You? Something You Said To My Wife Days/Oh Happy Days (Live) * What Kind Of Fool (Live) All songs Copyright 1996 Adrian Rosenfeldt except * Hank Williams, Lou Reed, Ray Davies/Traditional. SICK WITH SLEEP (1997) Sick With Sleep Bitterness Because Of Our Love Got To Be A Party Out There Dinosaur's Wallet All songs Copyright 1997 Adrian Rosenfeldt. RARITIES (1987-1997) Rock Around The Clock Waxing The Sun Interview Gig Madness Talking To Chewbacca What Do I Get? Adam Ant Don't Turn To Drugs! Mike And Adrian Imagine Policemen Phil Collins The News Huck And The Moon All songs Copyright ? 1997 Adrian Rosenfeldt/Michael Leuner/Andrew Quadros/Roger Widdows.
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