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Adam Beebe
Adam Beebe
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Integrity is syphilis
Hello. My name is Adam Beebe. I have been composing avant-garde music since I was a child. If I had a master's degree, my noise montages and repetitive ambient works, which most people consider completely unlistenable, would be considered classical music and/or fine art. Alas, I am but a mere college drop-out and pop musician. I am also one half of the infamous crap-core combo, Pope John Paul the Third. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the most innovative musicians around such as Damian "Skinny D" Kalish, J Ted Bond, James Call, Ryan Beebe, the Mundanes, Mike Garlington, and the Future Funk Entertainment Project. If I had to pick a favorite Beatle, I would probably pick George.
Band/artist history
When someone's car is broken, I drive them home (between 8AM and 5:30PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday). Then their car is fixed. I pick them up and drive them to the Chevrolet/Honda dealership even though I am an anti-automobile anarchist type person. Everyday at lunch, I eat a loaf of sourdough bread from Kelly's Bakery. Bread is a very economical lunch as it only costs a dollar and a half. I like bread. It takes me about 7 minutes (a drunken, ignorant estimate) of driving people around to "earn" enough money for my daily loaf of bread.
Your musical influences
Adam Beebe sounds exactly like all your favorite bands: John Tavener, Mr Bungle, Sun Ra, John Lennon, Public Enemy/Terminator X, Plastics, John Linnell, Parliment/Funkadellic, Arnold Schönberg, De La Soul, Brian Eno, Mr Ebu, Debussy, Spike Jones, Mouse On Mars, Money Mark, Sauter-Finegan Orchestra, Walter/Wendy Carlsos, Three Suns, Ornette Colemann, Jello Biafra, Residents, Portishead, Chicks on Speed, Automator, Mike Patton, Ned Lagin/Seastones, Charles Mingus, Devo, Thought Gang, The Prunes, Fireman, Art of Noise, Kurt Cobain, King Missle, Beck, Edgar Varese, Shostakovich, Marius Constant, Ween, Brian Wilson, Angelo Badalamenti, Naked City, Mothers Of Invention, Pharcyde, Brian Dewan, George Clinton, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Groucho Marx, John Zorn, George Martin, John Cage, Digital Underground, Kool Kieth, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Towa Tei, Phillip Glass, Soulsonic Force, etc.
What equipment do you use?
the mechanical devices which prod my brain also enlighten me beyond your understanding. Leer at god through a crack in the wall. Fondle yourself in public.
Anything else?
If you can't bring any beauty into the world, the next best thing is to show everybody how ugly everything is.
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