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Playboi Juan
Playboi Juan
17 Tracks
One of EastClevelands hottest artist on the scene! Playboi Juan is what Hip-Hop has been missing.This will all be apparent with the release of my anticipated LP BOI to A Man!
Band/artist history
Hot. Its 1985, Houston's summer heat...the day before July 4th and instead of preparing for a family feast of barbeque and ribs, Rochelle ******* gives birth to todays next talented rapper. The next hottest rapper. Born Juan N., Playboi Juan soon leaves Houston, Texas for the streets of East Cleveland, Ohio. Always being a creative talent, he begins writing poetry as a way of artistically expressing his emotions. And by age 8, he had plenty of emotions to express. No presence of a father, leaving his mother to raise him and his older sister, he felt all the pressures of being a man, making sure his family survived. These early teachings for survival mode would soon build the foundation and inspiration for his music and lyrics. Playboi's musical career started with his youthful poetry recitals and performances in front of friends and family, at house parties, school, and local talent shows. By age 11, his love for poetry and performance had evolved into an addiction to Hip-Hop. His first fix...January 17, 1998, students filing into the crowed auditorium of Superior Elementary School, how unforgettable. He was hooked. The high of being on stage, the hype of hearing your own music, being the center of attention, having confidence, and the love of the crowd. But in this lifetime, where there are so many other things to get addicted to, Playboi's love of music, drive for musical entertainment would soon get lost in the hard streets of East Cleveland. East Cleveland, a city where the most respected sells drugs and gets money anyway they can. Where your claim to fame is being in the newspaper for being arrested, in this world there is no need for a young boy with quick wit and a gift with words. In this world, only the strong survive. So Playboi tossed those loose notebook papers filled with unfinished lyrics into a NIKE box and went back into survival mode. Joining a local gang, he would find brotherhood and friendships. The necessary male influences he desperately wanted and needed but with that happiness came plenty of trouble. Playboi would soon call "the skreets" his home. And it wasn't that the streets didn't love him back. In fact, the streets loved him too much. With his new friends' influence he began going to the studio twice a week. They, too, noticed his gift with words, his gift of smooth talking the ladies, his gift of hitting the streets with real problems, with real music. They went by the name of Avenue Productions including the various artists Young Knuckles, Bonk, Bird, Den Tuck, and Playboi. Moved over 1,500 Units throughout neighboring schools and communities. Playboi allowed others to hear his distinct voice, drawing in people from all over. Soon thereafter, up-incoming producer Courtney W. A.K.A. 20/30 would hear this mix tape. He was first intrigued by Playboi's use of realness and his voice. Sounding like a young Tupac, open, honest, and fo' real, he knew he had to add Playboi as the newest member of Explicit Crew Under the label Explicit Records, they worked on mix tapes, too explicit for radio, so once again he went to his home, the streets. Moving over 3,000 copies from the trunk of a car, with hit singles like Hate'n in the Club and I'm Back, which reflected the mixed emotions of a Cleveland natives night on the town. Playboi Juan's drive and dedication was recognized by well known artist and producers throughout the city. Chuck E. B., producer and respected Cleveland native also gives props for Playboi's street mentality and passion, influencing his music with hot instrumentals. Their collaboration on Yeah Hoe, will be the hottest thing that hit the streets all summer. Playboi has performed at Cleveland's finest venues including Club Kaos, Peabody's Down Under, Metropolis, Agora, House of Blues. As well as being the opener for Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twinz, Kutt Calhone, and Cleveland's own Ray Cash and Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs & Harmony. Underway in the studio, is the highly anticipated album Boi 2 A Man, Which features some of East Clevelands Hottest up and coming Artist Emerging. Once again its Hot. The streets of Cleveland are once again flowing with good talent, real music, and it seems everybody will soon be addicted to this thing called... HIP-HOP. Playboi Juan "I take my music very serious, because I don't believe I would be the man I am today without it. It's my teacher, my father figure, and my guidance. There for, my music is my life, for my life music has saved." Taylor W. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love being on stage. I've played at clevelands finest clubs, and venues including Club Kaos, Peabody's Down Under, Metropolis, Agora, Hi Fi, House of Blues. Opening for such artist as Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twinz, Kutt Calhone, and Cleveland's own Ray Cash and Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs & Harmony.
Your musical influences
Inspirational Influences: God, Rochelle(Mother),Tachelle (Sister) Musical Influences: Tupac Shakur, Nas, Big Daddy Kane
Anything else?
Big Ups to My Fans and Fam, and any one else who truly support the BOI throught thick and thin.
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