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The Dizzy Band
The Dizzy Band
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The Dizzy Band is Cody, Ernie, Jeremy, Nick, and Ryan. At 23-26, as good friends, they share influences in the range of folk and country music, to classic
In This Room (Live)
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The Dizzy Band is short and tall. It is very quiet and very loud. It hums, shouts, rings, reverberates, and whispers. It comes from all over the country, and it converged on New York City--that place of convergences--in March 2005. The Dizzy Band is Cody, Ernie, Jeremy, Nick, and Ryan. At 23-26, as good friends, they share influences in the range of folk and country music, to classic rock, soul, funk, hard bop and the blues. The most stark, and perhaps bizarre commonality is that they each came to the city as acting majors and, for one reason or another, to some degree or other, abandoned their first m├ętiers to create and pursue music. Currently based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, The Dizzy Band collaborates on the works of its multiple songwriters, elaborates on the varied and vivid ideas, and produces solid, well-crafted songs that are both intelligent and accessible. Driven by ornate rhythms and riffs, and colored in precise, full-bodied chord progressions given by the keys and acoustic guitar, the sound is almost indefinable. Still it somehow lacks the pretense offered by its indie-and art-rock contemporaries. The added delight of seeing them live--the dancing and singing-along--can leave one barely able to walk home straight. Oh yeah, and the Dizzy Band dances too. Though not necessarily well.
Band/artist history
CODY Cody "The Diesel" Darbe was born October 10, 1982. He hails from a small farming village in Illinois, and moved to the city in late 2001 to attend school. At AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) he studied and accomplished a degree in Musical Theatre. At school with both Nick and Ernie, he and Nick were quick friends and roommates. Between work and class, they would play and record music together. Here Cody began to hone his abilities on both the guitar and the bass. He later became better friends with Ernie, through whom he met Jeremy and then Ryan. Cody is the most active actor of the band, having starred in two recent independent films--Townies and Salvage. Though originally feeling more comfortable on the guitar, he yielded both of the six-string slots and started focusing on the bass. He's rapidly developed into a proficient and imaginative bassist, and plays a very integral role in the shaping of the band's sound. Living in the Dizzy House in Brooklyn, Cody's favorite television show is Family Guy. He enjoys alcohol, gadgets, and has a Mohawk. ERNIE Ernie "Big Epsilon" Wooden, 24, came to New York from L.A. by way of South Florida, by way of Chicago, by way of Detroit, by way of his birthplace, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After graduating from AMDA, Ernie met and began playing music with another Micah Fitzgerald, a rootsy singer songwriter from Kentucky. They called themselves the Alley Cats, and they had a short period of fun, relatively successful gigs. During this time, Ernie met Ryan and Jeremy, and found harmony with each of their guitar styles, both separately and as a hybrid. At this union, Ernie reluctantly, along with his three singer-songwriter friends, made a pilgrimage to Columbus Ohio to start a talented but poorly formatted band called Sour Mash. When Sour Mash officially went sour, Ernie moved back up to New York, and eventually reunited with Ryan and Jeremy. He then became the axis of the band, introducing and joining his two different sets of friends. He'd been randomly reacquainted with Cody and Nick because of a day-job. Ernie's proven and powerful vocals truly set The Dizzy Band in a class of its own. He is also a flexible, smart, and creative piano player, giving the total sound a warm, soulful feeling. He currently resides on the Upper East Side, and roots fervently for the Yankees, Eagles, Lakers, and Hurricanes. Dizzy. JEREMY Jeremy "Zeremis" Zenor is 26 years old and is from Manchester, New Hampshire. He first came to New York in 1998, where he was enrolled in Marymount Manhattan College for Theatre. There he met a kindred spirit, a young poet named Winston. They performed together on school stages, as well as CBGB's Gallery, and the Lion's Den. Shortly after 9/11, he helped form a bluesy jam band called The Graham Crackers. The following summer he moved to Indiana with them, where they paid their dues, gigging in small bars and clubs, and eventually winning a Battle of the Bands. In the fall of 2002 he moved back to New Hampshire, then back to New York after the New Year. Though from the same state, and the same college it wasn't until this point that he met Ryan. They formed a duo called Stumble, and lived in veritable squalor in a railroad apartment in Brooklyn, gigging occasionally at the Gallery. From there he moved to Ohio with Ryan and Ernie, but stayed there much longer than either of them could stand. He eventually drifted back to New Hampshire, where, by telephone, Ernie and Ryan pulled him almost unwillingly back to New York. Jeremy's unorthodox guitar technique seems so inspired and impassioned sometimes, it's closely magic that he makes. He plays true blues. His songs are evocative and authentic and express a wide range of sensibilities and sensitivities. Jeremy stays up very late, and gets nostalgic about lakes. He too resides in the Dizzy House, where he has the smallest bedroom. NICK Nick "The Garbage Man" McIntyre was born December 8, 1981 in rural Lafayette, Indiana. He studied Acting at AMDA, but was always preoccupied with music, claiming to usually be "deep in Drum Land." Shortly after graduating he landed a gig playing for the Off-Broadway show, "A Stoop on Orchard Street." After a year of that, he moved to Universal Studios in Florida, where he performed in a water stunt show. He then moved back up to New York, got an apartment with Cody, and has been casually and professionally playing music since. Nick was introduced to the Dizzy Band very suddenly, while he wasnt even in the city. Cody called him during Christmas break to tell him that when he returned the next day he would be playing drums with the band for a Tsunami Relief benefit concert. After only one brief practice, and one short show, Nick slowly began to accept the genesis of the band. He is now the most diligent proponent, and more importantly adds an inventive drumming style that may be the most captivating element of the songs. Heavily influenced by funk music, and warming to jazz methods, he keeps the crowd dancing. Nick lives in the Dizzy House with Cody and Jeremy. With all of his drive and ambition, he says he still longs for the woods and cornfields of his youth, where he would be able to "only hear the trees and my drums." RYAN Ryan "Tea and Cross" Crossan was born October 6, 1981 in Rochester, New Hampshire. He moved to New York with the notion of becoming a star of the stage. After only a month in school, he quickly discovered that the world of Theatre was not for him. He then embarked on a series of mostly fruitless adventures. He drove across the country and back, and also up and down the east coast twice. He claimed brief residence in Philadelphia, Florida, San Francisco, and Maine, landing multiple times in the interzones of both New York and his mother's house in New Hampshire. He connected with Ernie and Jeremy during one stint in New York, and Nick and Cody on this, his seventh and last try at the big city. His true passion is literature and the world of words, but he craves the catharsis of writing and playing music. He has strict acoustic folk and jazz influences, and incorporates these with his deeply rhythmic, aggressive acoustic guitar style. His songs are usually lovelorn, lyrical, and melodic. He misses New England, loves mountains, and pays close attention to the order of things. He currently resides in the West Village where his dog, a pit bull named Molly, is always barking.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every Thursday in NYC. 95th and 2nd ave. "The Merrion Square" 10:30pm. Its always a blast and with a $25 OPEN BAR you are sure to feel dizzy with our help or not.
Your musical influences
The Dizzy Band is Cody, Ernie, Jeremy, Nick, and Ryan. At 23-26, as good friends, they share influences in the range of folk and country music, to classic rock, soul, funk, hard bop and the blues.
What equipment do you use?
The Dizzy Band consists of an accoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and a singer with more soul than all the shoes in NYC.
Anything else?
www.thedizzyband.com MP3s/bios/blogs... check it out