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Underground rapper from California with a raspy dark voice. Sounds hard
Wrath of Heaven
When I Speak
EXxile The Punisher. That's the name I go by. I come from California originally from San Jose/Morgan Hill but now reside around Sacramento. I've been rapping for almost 6 years, and started at the age of 14. If you want more info or whatnot hit up my website www.EXxileOnline.com
Band/artist history
This is the most recent: Sunday October 16, 2005 - Folsom CA - Show for Wellsfargo
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yea. I play Live whenever I have the opportunity. Its an experience thats hard to describe and something that you have to do in order to feel it. Its a great feeling, something I will always love to do.
Your musical influences
My music influences range from different artists. Of course, you would expect this one, but one of my main inspirations is Pac. Cause he went through so much hell and still came through, he did what he went in to do, and he always remained true to himself, and his fans, and I admire that. Yea, he wasn't the most lyrical rapper out, but thats not what made him a legend, it was the messages imbedded within his songs that made him go down as a legend. Another is Big L. Big L was a lyrical genious in my eyes, he had a great talent that not enough people were able to hear. He could flow off his ass. Then we have Bone Thugs. They are my favorite group, they rap bout true life on the streets and have a unique flow that stands out from the rest. And then Three 6 Mafia. I've always been into dark rap, and its not really what they say in their raps that inspire me, but its more of their beats that do.
Anything else?
I'll like to say that another musical inspiration is my cousin Jeremiah Baro A.K.A 7. He could rhyme and spit and could memorize a whole verse in an hour. He was definately an idol of mine but sadly he was killed in Iraq a year ago and having that happen makes me want to strive more to become someone big, someone unique.