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passionate and powerful uk punk rock milton keynes greenday alkaline trio
Passionate & Powerful Medlodic UK Punk rock. Releases on MoonSka Europe + New City Noise. Topped Scuzz TV charts in 2003 with pop-punk anthem SRJ from Moonska album Conrete & Udder Chaos. Recently taken a more darker take on UK punk rock in the vein of Therapy, Alkaline Trio, Rise Against.... Current song is an old one, new MP3's up soon.... Checkout our website www.graveltrap.org.uk for tour dates, merch and more...
Band/artist history
Graveltrap Bio Graveltrap started out when four bored teenagers in the same year, at the same school, decided to start a band. All having a mutual love of bands such as NIRVANA, GREENDAY, THERAPY, RANCID, & SYMPOSIUM they started to knock out dodgy cover versions of these bands songs in lunch breaks and after school, much to the annoyance of the music block teachers! Dan & John started to write there own songs and before long the nameless band started to develop its early sound - playing loud and fast with various borrowed instruments and song ideas. After six months of rehearsals friends suggested that 'Graveltrap', as they were now dubbed, should start playing shows and so at the age of 16 they played and survived their first show. They quickly gained a reputation as a band with great songs who knew how to rock out and were offered many more gigs within the city of Milton Keynes ands surrounding areas. On this basis they continued to grow in the local scene and within a year had built up a huge, very loyal local following and started selling out the Woughton Centre to 450+ people. Always eager to work on their band (rather than various failed educations and jobs) they grafted hard and promoted themselves with merchandise, mailing lists and a website that proved to be vary popular. The bands sound rapidly developed as did their influences, but their ear for interesting and catchy melodies, coupled with their pounding dynamics and passionate live shows meant that they were already carving out their own niche. As the new wave of american pop-punk acts infiltrated the mainstream, Graveltraps sound reminded people of how punk could be powerful and moody as well as bouncy and catchy, and they have succeeded in crossing over to rock & metal fans as well as the punk/ska community. The band self financed the release of two e.p's during '01/'02. 'Dilated' & 'Write-Off' both received local acclaim with 'Kickin Chickens' off 'Dilated' receiving national and international airplay and shooting to number 1 in the local music charts where it stayed for 6 months! Dilated finally stopped pressing after selling near to 500 copies at local shows. The second e.p 'Write-Off' further extended the bands profile receiving glowing reviews in fanzines and national press (Big Cheese, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound) and showcasing their catchiest anthems to date. Support slots with top bands in the UK scene followed, supporting bands like [SPUNGE], KING PRAWN, CAPDOWN, KING DJANGO, THE PIETASTERS & WHITMORE in venues all over the country leading them to sign up with top European punk/ska label MoonSka Europe (Less Than Jake, [spunge], King Prawn). Graveltrap found that although they had never played Ska music (and didn't really know what it was!) the scene was extremely supportive and welcoming to a harder edged punk band. They recorded their debut album 'Concrete & Udder Chaos' with UK punk producer Iain Wetherall (Goober Patrol, Capdown, Vanilla Pod) at Premier Studios in Feb 2003 which brought together previously recorded songs and newer tracks with a beefier guitar sound and better production. The CD was released into the shops towards the end of their first UK tour, the P-rock advertised 'Over The Moon' tour with label mates Whitmore, Spankboy, & Mixtwitch. Graveltrap saw out 2003 touring with various bands on moonska and recording their first music video for P-rock TV. 'SRJ' shot to No.1 in the P-rock charts shortly before the channel closed but was snapped up by Scuzz TV where it again was found shaking off competition from Less Than Jake, Linkin Park and Metallica to sit pretty in No.1 for two weeks!! The video was voted in at no.53 in Scuzz's run down of most voted videos for 2003. Tracks off the album have been included on various compilations including Metal Hammers cover CD 'Sounds of the Underground' in Dec '03 and older recordings of album songs have appeared on Compunktion 1 & 2 released on Sucka-Punch records. More tours followed through out 2003 supporting various Moonska bands and playing other one off shows including headlining the Underworld in Camden in June. At the start of 2004 the band invested in its first van 'Bertha', enabling them to gig and tour consistently which they see as the essence of DIY promotion. Along the way they have maintained a low priced range of merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands and patches as well as recently setting up a UK street team to further help spread the word about their music. In Feb '04 they went out in support of top UK ska band [SPUNGE] and American pop-punks NEVER HEARD OF IT, playing prestigious 1000+ capacity venues and bringing the sounds of the Trap to an ever widening audience. With another Moonska tour looming in April and the release of their second video - the anthemic crowd pleaser 'Getaway' - the band look sure to continue to climb the ranks in the style of the bands they respect by storming live shows and an underground buzz that's fuelled by word of mouth. Ever determined to prove the UK punk rock scene can once again be every bit as vital as the US scene, Graveltrap follow in the foot steps of the bands that have re-carved the scene - King Prawn (rip) Capdown & [spunge] and hope to break through with a harder darker take on UK punk for their next record. For a more detailed band history and regular updates on the band, please visit their website WWW.GRAVELTRAP.ORG.UK 'This album is blinding, it will burn your retinas and in return give you song after song of high quality modern punk music that shows just how advanced the UK scene is becoming. Songs such as; 'Primal Fear' and 'S.R.J' are chock full of catchy as SARS time changes and infectious beats that break the songs up with style and grace leaving your head swimming with love and confusion that gives way to a big goofy grin as this band continue to amaze you with their creativity, over and over again, with just enough style mixings and developments keeping each song fresher than a bumper tube of Colgate! 'What About The Marigolds' is a good demonstration of their softer more emotional side, it actually turns into a rather powerful and moving song. It has a huge sound that injects the lyrics with even more emotion; 'Graveltrap' are capable of some really excellent music that ties in very nicely with the more catchy songs dotted throughout. Despite being a rather interesting style change that could have really split the album apart, it in fact works as a nice intermission and certainly a moment to look forward to. This is an extremely impressive album, especially considering that it is a debut work. Graveltrap have the potential to be huge, but above all already that potential has been set into motion and not squandered or damaged by an over controlling label. The future is bright, the future is 'Udder Chaos'! ' 4.5 / 5 - State of Emergency.net This twelve track album proves to be something special with pounding bass lines, loud guitar playing, fast drumming and awesome vocals. 'Primal Fear' kicks this CD off and is a great track, kicking it all off musically sounding like a cross between Nerf Herder and Bad Religion but with their own very unique vocal style and making them stand out from the pack as they are not just another American Pop-Punk tribute band, they have their own flair that makes them Graveltrap, and no one can ever take that away from them. The drumming is amazing, played with great speed yet full of rhythm, the guitars are played loud, the bass is fiery, and the vocals are superb with very meaningful lyrics that you will find yourself singing after a couple of listens (trust me, I should know!) Once again, a Milton Keynes band have left me gob smacked and the reason for this is their catchy Punk Rock that is sure to impress. Check them out if you have any sense and try and get along to one of their shows if you can as I'm sure that it would be a blinder! www.alt-uk.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Toured uk constantly for about 2 years, on a bit of a bvreak now. Live highlights include supporting Therapy at NASS 04, Bowling for Soup at the Zodiac and Capdown in front of 1000 in MK....
Your musical influences
Therapy, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Greenday, Phema etc...