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Black Guerilla Special Forces
Black Guerilla Special Forces
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Black, Black Power, Chicago
We are thought provokers. We are here to expose the lies being told in the media. We are launching a war against the weak as they wage an information war agaist the Black man. Our views are conservative, but we are a far cry from the go along to get along Uncle Toms who's main agenda is to look good in the eyes of the enemy. We also want to stress that our biggest enemy is not the biggots or crooked cops that blame Blacks for all the wolrds trouble, but the White Liberals who want us to believe that we need them in order to survive. Well, you can stuff your welfare checks up your a** along with your government cheese. Black Guerilla Special Forces is here to expose the truth.
Band/artist history
BGSF evaluates each soldier / rapper's capabilities by testing his physical, emotional, and mental stamina.
Your musical influences
Public Enemy, Dead Presidents, Curtis Mayfield, Huey Newton, Marvin Gaye, The Philadelphia International All Stars, Segments Of Time, Sons Of Slum, S.O.U.L., Earth, Wind & Fire, The Soul Children, The Chi-Lites, The OJays, James Brown, Malcom X, H. Rap Brown, The Last Poets, Eddie Kendricks, Parliament, Funkadelic
What equipment do you use?
Our minds. The most powerful equiptment on the planet.