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Nedra Johnson
Nedra Johnson
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Nedra's self-titled sophomore release is a joyful mix of R&B, funk, rock and gospel. Honest in integrity to the music as well as the lyrical content, each song
Working Hard for the Joneses
Peak position #93
Ahha (It's A Good Thing)
Peak position #83
So Good, So Far
Peak in sub-genre #59
Prozac (So Fun Living, Not A Moment Dull)
New Boy Blues
Peak in sub-genre #17
in a singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist born & living in New York City. Her unique style of guitar playing is unmistakibly informed by her many years as a professional bassist and keeps her live solo acoustic performances more on an R&B tip then what one might expect of a "girl with a guitar." Nedra's self-titled sophomore release is a joyful mix of R&B, funk, rock and gospel. Honest in integrity to the music as well as the lyrical content, each song is a testimony of her experience as a black openly lesbian woman in love, spirituality, community and or politics. From the first song on through to the Maxine Feldman tribute version of , this is proudly womyn's music and a great example of how Nedra has grown as a writer, arranger, producer and musician. Featuring lush background vocals and danceable grooves, had the crowd on its feet and whooping." As a soloist, she has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Cleveland, Madison, Chicago, New Caledonia and more! Whether in front of an intimate audience such as at New York City's Rockwood Music Hall or a large festival audience of 7000 like Michigan Womyn's Music Festival , Nedra has the ability to perform with both a strength and a vulnerability that makes each listener feel like they are getting to know her on a personal level. Her thoughtful choice of words reflect not only who she is but speak to the heart in a way that mirrors emotions most find difficult to express.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, definitely. I live in NY so mostly in NY at Rockwood or the Knitting Factory these day. My special moments are mostly from festivals. At fests there are usually larger audiences and for women's festivals in particular it's just so cool to connect with other artists.
Your musical influences
I listen to everything really. You know how some people say that and then go "except country...or opera..." If I had a multi-disc changer you could find me stocked with Jill Scott, Louis Jordan, Sly & The Family Stone, Taj Mahal, Howard Johnson & Gravity, Monk, Nirvana, Tim McGraw, Ferron, Phoebe Snow, 7 Seconds, Social Distortion, Tribe 8, Audio Slave, Verdi Requiem, Ravi Shankar, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Tupac, Transcedence Gospel Choir, I mean alla that is stuff I listen to and can mix randomly and be cool with... and of course there is more... So I've had people listen to my CD and bug out some on the variety genre wise as if there is some unwritten rule that you have to make your whole CD sound just alike from song to song. I think the mix works well and it is very much me...
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