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FolkPort - Norwegian & British inspired roots & folkrock
FolkPort Acoustic - VideoDemo | Live 2018
with impact and atmosphere is the trademark of FolkPort. Their varied musical concept covers everything between punchy trad.- and dancetunes and poetic ballads and instrumentals. relaxed stage presence and a nice mix between their own and more traditional music, FolkPort creates a mutual music pub mood. Whether it's on a large festival stage or at a smaller concert venue doesn?t matter. It happens every time. You can set your mind at peace with epic ballads or sing along, but you will surely not be able to sit still when FolkPort stir up their punchy dancetunes, jigs & reels. FolkPort have performed at festivals and venues in Norway and Denmark including their sixth Skagen Festival in july 2013. A main event was undoubtedly a warmup gig for Fairport Convention at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. - released July 2015 contains 11 original FolkPort tracks. Also available in iTunes, Apple Music etc. - released July 2010 contains 14 original FolkPort tracks. Also available in iTunes, Apple Music etc. - released June 2005 contains three of our own songs and a rather special version of the traditional tune Loch Lomond. Also available in iTunes, Apple Music etc. - released March 2004 contains six tracks in live/studio-style. Also available in iTunes, Apple Music etc. have experience from a broad range of musical styles: fiddle / mandolin / vocals vocals / piano / whistles / accordeon / el. pipes vocals / acoustic guitar el.guitar drums / percussion bass / vocals
Band/artist history
Since the first concert as a complete band in May 2002 FolkPort has performed at different kinds of venues all over southern Norway and at festivals in Norway and Denmark. FolkPort at Rockefeller Music Hall - Oslo
Have you performed in front of an audience?
FolkPort is performing at different kinds of venues, preferrably in some kind of concert or festival setting.
Your musical influences
FolkPort has over time developed it's own sound, but influence from bands like Fairport Convention, Oysterband and Wolfstone is apparent.
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