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TDINTBL's personal recordings
TDINTBL's personal recordings
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Personal recordings, eclectic.
Not a band. This is just me, dubs and dubs of any instrument that sounds right in context! I don't care too much for styles and genres, I'm eclectic and so is my music. Please enjoy. No seriously, enjoy or suffer hideous consequences!
Band/artist history
Myself I've been playing since I was in 5th grade. Now I'm an undergraduate music major. Most of the items here are from before my time at Fresno State, but there's a growing list of tunes that could be said to show off what I've learned.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play as a performer of flute and tenor saxophone. I do very well for myself as a flute performer, decent in solo performance situations, better as part of a wind ensemble and I like it that way better. Music is all about the interplay, not the spotlight. For tenor sax, I've been with the Fresno State Marching Band. Now that my time there is done, we'll see... I also perform in the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band, which has been the most incredibly awesome experience I've had in music. If you're ever in California during college football season you should stop by and attend a Fresno State home game; neither the team or the band will disappoint!
Your musical influences
Everything is an influence, everything. My absolute favorites though, and those that weigh most heavily on my music are: King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, James Barnes (composer), Miles Davis, Count Basie. Of course the list of groups I enjoy and respect is much larger, but they don't seep into my music nearly as often as the ones I just told you about.
What equipment do you use?
WOODWINDS: Gemeinhardt flute, regular foot, gold plated mouthpiece, closed-hole. (no longer used) Muramatsu flute, B foot, solid silver, open hole, E mechanism. Yamaha YTS-21 student tenor saxophone, recently refurbished. Beechler #7S hard rubber mouthpiece. Rovner L8 ligature. Prefer Vandoren JAVA 3 1/2 reeds. Linton student model oboe. (property DUSD) [Now returned] STRINGS and equipment: Ibanez GAX-70 electric guitar, D'Addario EXL-115 strings. Crate FXT-120 120W solid state combo amplifier. Peavey Rage 158 15W solid state combo amplifier. Sunlite accoustic guitar, Martin SP+ light strings. Samick 12-string acoustic, Ernie Ball "Earthwound" strings. Johnson A-style mandolin. KEYBOARDS: Yamaha PSR-293 61 key keyboard. M-Tron from GMedia (run on a Mac). (5GBs of Mellotron samples) Fender Rhodes 88, Mk. I, late model, in need of some refurbishment. AND THE REST: Alesis Multimix 8USB 1.1 mixer. A PC. Audacity 1.2.6-1.3.9 An iBook.
Anything else?
I like food? Tell me where the Indian restaurants are!
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