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Laconic Irony
Laconic Irony
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Forever Numb
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Caving In
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Band/artist history
Started doing this on March 9th 2003, after cutting a demo song made up on the spot. I later completed a 10 song demo record that never came out around October 2003. In 2005 we released the 3 song demo that included "Biaxin", "Fall From Eden", and "Weakens The Heart". "Weakens The Heart" took off and cracked the top 20 alternative metal songs on SoundClick which was great because we really are alt metal at the core. 2006 lead to the release of "The Hollowing EP" but I don't think any of those songs made it to SoundClick, they were all put on myspace.com and the page gained over 10,000 fans. I'll be sure to share some of those old tracks here since "Weakens the Heart is still up. The new albums "Angelic", "Surreal", and "The Immaterial" are all set to record and will be released shortly on iTunes and everywhere music is available. Thanks for following for like 13 years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
American Idol Season 9. It was in Denver and I made it past the first 2 rounds of audition. Didn't make it to Hollywood but I honestly didn't want to, things were getting hectic and it was hell doing some of their weird song assignments.
Your musical influences
This project's original influences were the post hardcore bands coming out in the mid 2000s like Misery Signals, Skycamefalling, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Constance Vs The Victim, Call An Ambulance, and of course good 'ol Deftones.
What equipment do you use?
5150 head, TS-9, SM-58 live some real expensive condenser for in studio. EMG pickups in various guitars and some random pawnshop bass that isn't half bad. I also use the mt-2 metalzone on the 2003 material and a Pod XT on the old songs after that.
Anything else?
The new stuff is so evolved and more professional and uses a real 5150 not digital modelers. Vocals have improved a lot I'm just sharing old stuff since "Weakens The Heart" was still available all these years, thanks for the support man.
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