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Christina Theodora
Christina Theodora
18 Tracks
Japanese, Greek, and English cover songs for now.
H Zoi (To Pio Omorfo Tragoudi)
Peak in sub-genre #20
The Game Of Love
Peak in sub-genre #19
I absolutely love music and won't limit myself to one genre. I'm a Greek-American who loves Japanese and Greek cultures.
Band/artist history
I started writing and composing songs when I was about 9 till I was about 12 with some of my friends at the time and really loved it. It was fun being creative and performing the final product for my neighbors. I've loved singing my entire life and had a life-changing moment when I was 15: I first heard Utada Hikaru's "Simple And Clean" on TV. I knew right away that I wanted to be an artist, so I started writing and composing on my own. I've been singing and dancing in front of the TV since I can remember, though. I wanna be out there making music and sharing it with the world, hopefully making others' lives better like Utada Hikaru did for me. My singing is always improving, and I'm always trying to improve and control my voice as best I can. :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've sung at a city-wide church competition and in musicals and choir groups throughout middle school. In March of '09, I sang some cover songs at an open mic night on my school's campus, which taught me a lot. I would love to play my own songs live. I get so much happiness and a proud thrill from performing live, and I've been told that my energy and passion for music really show.
Your musical influences
I started out listening to Mariah Carey, Green Day, Alanis Morissette, and No Doubt a lot when I was in elementary school in the early 90s. I was strongly influenced by American pop and r&b artists early on. I listened to Mariah Carey's Daydream CD nonstop when it was first released, then to the Spice Girls and N*SYNC. Soon after, I gravitated more towards rock music, probably because of my sister. Japanese and Greek pop (thanks to my mom) have also been a huge part of my life and there's no doubt that I'm influenced by them. Nowadays, I love some hip-hop, some rock, some pop, some alternative, and some experimental/dance. All in all, Utada Hikaru is hands-down my biggest inspiration. Actually, I would literally jump at the chance to meet/collaborate with Utada Hikaru and KT Tunstall one day.
What equipment do you use?
GarageBand, Logic Pro 7, a Yamaha keyboard, and a Blue Yeti microphone.
Anything else?
Please enjoy my cover songs and feel free to e-mail me! :)
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It Will Be
COBRA (Tyga Type Beat ft. Offset)