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The Fallen GODz
The Fallen GODz
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Fallen G.O.D.z -- hardcore, gangster, complex, conscious, whatever .. u cant label us
This is us...The Fallen G.O.D.z -- Savior and Spliff -- not only defying the expectations of Colorado hip-hop, but defying the expectations of the rap game to be unlike anything you've ever heard before**** ****a lot of our songs have unoriginal beats, but we are not hypocrites---right now we are getting on the mixtape scene, where its a musical free-for-all in which you can use whatever beats you want without gettin sued
Band/artist history
2002: started cypherin together 2004: released 3.5 under the group name T.H.C. (T.ru H.ip-Hop C.ru) 2004: changed group name to The Fallen G.O.D.z shortly after the release of 3.5 2005: started work on first mixtape, coming in 2006
Your musical influences
Big L, Children of the Corn, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Do or Die, Twista, Non Phixion, CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, Diabolic, Jedi Mind Tricks (on Violent By Design), Eminem (Infinite & freestyles, not that Encore bullshit), Jay-Z, Nas, Fat Joe, Cam'ron,
What equipment do you use?
too much shit to name......we are workin on gettin our own equipment, but we are gettin hooked up by our homies in Westminster, CO (big up to Rapsodik Records).