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Jacob Bank
Jacob Bank
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Classical, Symphonic, Movie, Epic, Violin, Piano, Orchestra, Orchestral, rock, Metal, punk, funk, jazz, blues, pop
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Hey all.. The name is Jacob and you're currently reading the introduction to my little spot here on SoundClick. Here you can listen to all my music and I certainly hope you'll enjoy all of it - as my prime goal is to please my listeners. Music is my hobby, my desire, my dream, my life.. I've spent countless hours making all the music here on this page - but this is only a small fraction of what I've made through the past many years. I am a self-taught musician and have never had a teacher to tell me to do x or y. You can also hear that in my music - as sometimes I 'lack' the disciplin a theoretical student would have. But I think it's a good thing - 'cause you are more free to do exactly what your heart desire. After all.. Isn't music all about heart?
Band/artist history
It's simply my history.. Been a passionate musician all of my life and I simply try my way foward in this hard business. Some don't realise it.. But even though my music here on SC often tend to lean toward the softer kinds of pop or rock, and symphonic of course, I also play and write hard rock and metal. I don't believe in restricting myself to just one genre.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live right now - but I intend to within the next couple of years.
Your musical influences
I have so many influences that I think it would take days to mention it all.. But I'm a big fan of 80's rock - you know.. Queen, Europe, Iron Maiden etc. But I listen to nearly everything.. If you go and get narrowminded on music, then your inspiration will suffer from it.. Don't know if that's wise words - but it's the truth never-the-less.
What equipment do you use?
Anything I can get my hands on!
Anything else?
What I would like to do.. Is to thank all the musicians who has inspired me - as that list would be very very very long I wont mention them.. But thank you!
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