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Trilla G aka That Nigga
Trilla G aka That Nigga
124 Tracks
Hard Body nigga tis ya nigga Trilla G im 16 holdin down tha ATL wuts really good we makin tat Crack muzik, Dip Set, Purple City Productionz, u fukkin wit whoooo
Trilla- In This b*** (prod. by Genesis)
Peak in sub-genre #47
Trilla-Like Damn Feat Bone(prod by Kid Flash)
Bone-What U Wanna Do(prod. by Tristian)
Peak in sub-genre #51
Trilla G-What I Gotta Do
Peak in sub-genre #29
Bone-We Ballin Feat Trilla
AiM:DanJiNN www.myspace.com/thatrillag ........ATL Stand UP Decatur lilburn Zone 1 to Zone 6 STAND THA FUK UP HarD BoDY INc. RansomTrilla GLyrical AssassinCassanovaDJ RoKzKi Murdah GSwiftAngiee da Princess Of RapYoungYoung JamesChozeNew Era Soljahz tha rapperz tat are in tha New Era Soljahz camp are: Young St. DJ Xzample J.Cain Mirakal Eyeronik M3nace MaYnE Sick
Band/artist history
Hard Body ya boy Trilla G been spittin since nov 2004 started out battlin so one of my strongest skillz is tha punches started dis group named D-46 with tis dude named Tha Doc in 04 group was gettin it got som radio play but den tha group started breakin up and all my niggas were spreaded apart at tis time i was wit my nigga Eric Danger's group runs by tha name of Ghost Mobb shouts to my niggas in Chi Town holla at dem , a month lada i started fukkin wit my niggas Hypa and JR in NLE crack muzik was out tha ass ova there den we chilled fo a while, started to my dude Jae Sprouse he was lookin fo soljahs and shit fo his group(Drama Cliq) was in there fo a lil bit ,now im wit Hard Body Inc ,got put in round Nov of 05 been droppin tat crack muzik my dude HArd Body inc is basiclly a movement son shits lik tis , tha group is split into 2 divisions Hard Body (ATL) tats tha shit tat i run and Hard Body(NC) tats Ransom's shit, my nigga Ransom dropped tha Carlina State of Mind a month ago been sellin crazy and Tha Life of a Hustla Vol. 1 mixtape is on tha way from wut we got now its fukkin crack lol, o and tha nigga is 16 ,tis means ya'll older niggas needa get on ya grind lol,tha endin result is tat HARD BODY INC IS TAKING THIS LIL THING YA CALL RAP AND HUSTLING OVA we bout to make it hard for ya'll to eat SCREAM AT ME .........enuff said
Have you performed in front of an audience?
jea fa sho well tha ATL devision of Hard Body inc is doin shit fo tha spring break, until den u can see us at tah partys or clubs scream at us
Your musical influences
Hard Body,Ghost Mobb,D-46,Stack Dough,Drama CLiqe,G.D.N, DXP,F15,PCP,Dip Set,Big L,Nas,Game,Llyod Banks,Papoose,Jae Millz,Celeb, Strawz
Anything else?
ITS HARD BODY NIGGA shout out to tha WHOLE dirty south ,its our time to shine lets take it ova tha squad is fukkin strong my dude www.soundclick.com/ransomproblemchild RANSOM www.soundclick.com/lyricalassassinbkathaproblemchild LA aka Tha Problem ChilD Yung Cassa Nova Be on tha look out from tat crak from him DJ Rokkz our fukkin DJ wuts REALLY REALLLLLLY HOOD step tha fuk up niggaz hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa Hard Body All Day EVERY DAY New Era South u fukkin wit whooooooooo? 1
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