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I am a rap arist, a lyricist, an expressionist, and someone looking for a truth in music. Rap is my outlet, my passion and my life. I am trying to show the worl
Hey everyone this is Daniel "Double J" Johnson. I am a rap artist who speaks his mind and his feelings through the outlet of lyrics. Every word you hear of mine is real life and real meaning. I am not like some rappers who write what they dont know or feel. I am 100% true in words. Every song has complete relavance to my life in one way or another. My main goal is to use my music to try to help people see and better themselves through the trials and success that i have encountered. I am trying to inspire as many as I can and help the rest.
Band/artist history
Double_J started bout a year ago in November 2004. J-Unit was created in early 2005. I am known in my city as the white twista. But later in 06 my band name changed to J4J which stands for Just 4 Jesus. Since then iv gone solo J4J became my motto. I In 2007 is when things started to pick up, I stopped playing around and got serious about my music lyrically. I began to write and i slowly completed my first album "The Breakaway Project" in the fall of 07. The album was a sucess for me selling around 200 copies. Since then i have been at work on my newest album "Journey to Self Discovery" You can get a taste of that here on my page with my first 7 tracks off the album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I preform anywhere I can in the great state of Iowa, i am very limited to where I can preform due to many factors, but i am very commited to the performances i do get asked to do.
Your musical influences
When I first started it was all the cliche dudes, Eminem, 50, G-Unit, but as time surpassed I looked away from rap altogether and found new influences that helped more, I looked to Linkin Park, Saliva, Panic at the Disco, Avenged Sevenfold. I looked into all the different kinds of music and got a taste for the lyrics and for new words and sounds. I started to try to combine these flavors with my style of rap.
What equipment do you use?
I record with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 my mic is a samsung and my main place for beats is Shadowville
Anything else?
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