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Radames is a Euro/Trance recording artist.
Band/artist history
Born in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A) on May 16th 1983. Radames first taste of stardom came when he was 6 months old, doing a national TV and ad commercial campaign for a well known diaper and baby food company. In grade he acted in school plays and sang in the choir. As a young boy Radames appeared in numerous television commercials and immersed himself in acting and modeling along the way. Radames has been preparing himself for a career in show business since then. At age 7, he started performing in local stage productions. Not only that but he was modeling constantly, doing national television commercials and appearing in national ads. At school Radames was a normal kid like everyone else, Radames was used to getting into trouble in school. He would challenge his teachers because he thought that he was smarter than all of them. His mother was constantly called to the principal's office. But, even though he was mischievous, he always managed to get good grades. Growing up in Europe, Mexico & USA Radames at 13, moved cross-country to Mexico City to pursue his artistic dreams. Radames was able to take full advantage of the great experiences and great lifestyle. Radames comes from a very artistic family; his father is a painter and sculptor and his mother is a writer and publisher so telling his parents he wanted to be in show business was something normal, yet they didn't want Radames to experience the stressful lifestyle in the industry. Radames was very mature and knew what he wanted in life, that has gotten him far in his career. After completing his acting program in Mexico City, he moved back to Chicago. His passion for music got bigger, exploring the other side of the music industry and experiencing radio broadcasting production as well as being a radio host, that lead him to study radio broadcasting and journalism in college. His mother raised him to be mentally strong. This is why he can stand the stress of the entertainment industry. "I've been lucky enough to come from a really strong family, where I was taught only to compete with myself," says Radames. Soon later he launched his own promotion artist management company called Nickito Promotions Inc. He wanted to expand and share the music experience he gained by working with other talent as well as promoting them in many ways. It made him live every aspect of the music industry in the market and soon all that experience was very useful when he decided to pursue his singing career. Radames appeal is wide and expanding every day. But it was not until he release his debut single "Walk Away" that the world began to notice Radames charm. But Radames is far more than a pretty face, he is a versatile artist that has even CO-written for other artist along his career as well as writing his own music from different experiences in his life. Being in the entertainment industry is so much fun! says radames, singing and writing lyrics is the way to express my true feelings and emotions to the world. His first Single ' Walk Away' crossed him over into the mainstream, and his second single "Without You" will definitely win the rest of the world over. With a thriving career, Radames continues to be passionate about making music. âœSinging and acting are both my passions and they go hand in hand says Radames.â쳌 He might have undergone a circuitous route, but it seems that in 2006 Radames is ready to stand in the spotlight and go for his artistic professional passions. (Biography courtesy of WWW.RADAMES.US)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do live presentations all over the world.
Your musical influences
Ace of Base! Le click, (All those cool dance artist from the 90's!!
What equipment do you use?
All my music is produced in different parts of the world by different producers. My latest single 'without you' was produced in Holland.
Anything else?
Yes, Dont forget to visit my official website at www.radames.us for the latest updates information & more. Also visit fan page at www.myspace.com/radamesonline