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Renegade Rail
Renegade Rail
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Renegade Rail is a four peice band from Central Missouri. Their music is a mix of Red Dirt, Outlaw Country, and Southern Rock. Renegade Rail prides themselves
10 songs
Renegade Rail is a four piece band from Central Missouri. They thrive on a high energy show, original music, breaking alcohol sales, and pleasing their crowd. Renegade Rail's music is a mix of red dirt, outlaw country,Texas Soul and southern rock and roll.
Band/artist history
Renegade Rail has been playing music together for a few years now, and have developed their own unique sound. They have released two albums "Derailed" in 2004 and "It's Not Us" in 2005. A new album is in the works and we're planning on some recording time in the future. Renegade Rail prides themselves in a high energy and upbeat show and having a good time w/ the crowd. Mike Munsterman is the lead singer, rhythm guitar, bass player for the band. He also writes songs including "Heroes", "Till The Next Time", "It's Not Us," "Moonshine" "Time Machine" and "Red Dirt." Mike's penmanship and talent makes Renegade Rail's music what it is. Leslie Kullman is a phenomenal musician that started playing music around the age 5. She plays keyboards, rhythm guitar, ganjo, and sings backup vocals in the band. She is an exceptionally talented individual, with a bright future in the music industry. Influences from different genres of music from classic rock to ragtime make Leslie's style very unique. Eric Kullman started playing drums at a very early age. His "driving" drumming style enhances Renegade Rails sound and adds a unique blend of influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd to John Bonham. Eric also sings backup vocals. From spinning sticks to stage antics, Eric keeps Renegade Rail on the tracks. Rocky Vincent plays bass/lead guitar.Rocky started playing bass at a young age with his families gospel band. He played overseas for the troops on USO / DOD tours. Some of his biggest influences include his Grandfather & Father, Beatles, Chet Atkins, Merle Haggard, and Dwight Yoakum. Writing songs and playing music is his favorite pastime.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We live for playing our original music in the Texas and Oklahoma/Red Dirt areas. Renegade Rail enjoys playing so much that they quit their jobs and purchased a tour bus. The four of us are best friends and live for playing music 24/7.
Your musical influences
Renegade Rail is a mix of outlaw country, southern rock, red dirt music, and rock egde all fused together to make their own sound. Some of our favorite artists range from Cross Canadian Ragweed to Waylon Jennings and from Lynyrd Skynyrd to AC DC. As a group, we all have a very wide range of musical tastes and influences. Renegade Rail incorporates a bit of it all in their original music.
What equipment do you use?
What keeps the "train on the tracks": carvin amps and guitars, ibanez electric and acoustic guitars, sekooa and samick bass, trace elliot amps, mapex drums, zildjian cymbals, shure mics, peavey sound, roland keyboards and effects, A.R.T. effects, ernie ball strings, LOTS OF Jeigermeister, Red Bull, and Jim Beam!
Anything else?
Check out these sights for more information on Renegade Rail: www.renegaderail.com http://xsorbit26.com/users5/railers/index.php www.myspace.com/railthis www.americanaroots.com www.texasreddirtmusic.com www.paynecountyline.com www.galleywinter.com www.mavrikmagazine.com www.soldiersangels.com
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