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Spiral Dance
Spiral Dance
Adelaide, Australia
January 04, 2006
162,981 plays
As powerful as any equinox and as magical as any inspired ritual, Spiral Dance offers up rich vocals, delicate melodies and rousing jams all invoking the pagan world at the dawning of its rebirth. Spiral Dance plays high energy pagan folk rock that combines haunting vocals, evocative fiddle, intoxicating guitar rifts and groovy accordion lines with potent bass and dynamic percussion to present an eclectic blend of powerful self-penned songs and tunes. Spiral Dance are the song catchers of Magick, myth and legend - music that will rock your ancestors!
Band/artist history
The band was formed in 1992 as a project to explore some of the more mystical elements in life and has drawn its energy from the song-writing and vocal skills of Adrienne Piggott. Adriennes haunting lyrics are supported by Nicks driving guitar work, Ingrids vibrant fiddle playing and Pauls innovative accordion lines. The whole sound is underpinned by Davids solid bass lines and Ricks textured percussion, all carefully arranged to blend acoustic folk- rock with lush Celtic harmony, creating an almost tangible musical aura that envelopes the audience. The band has a very long history with the release of eight albums and five overseas tours, with more albums and tours planned for 2014.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live, we love it! We hail from Adelaide and play regularly all over Australia. We toured the United States in 2003, 2009, 2011, 2012 and the UK in 2012.
Your musical influences
Celtic/Pagan Folk Rock, our sound has been compared to such things as Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Steeleye Span and The Corrs.
What equipment do you use?
BIG drum kit with lots of bells a whistles...literally, Fender bass and Marshall Amps, Godin and Ibinez guitars with Boss effects, Hyde Accordions, a very old and rather priceless 19th Century Europeon-made violin, Shure mics.
Anything else?
Feel free to look us up at: http://www.spiraldance.com.au or we hang out on facebook a bit as well https://www.facebook.com/messages/?action=read&tid=mid.1383619135715%3Aa367702f1cd7a72288
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