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Electric Needle Room
Electric Needle Room
3 Tracks
Electric Needle Room is a one-man indie/synth-pop band from Kansas. He records songs in his bedroom for your enjoyment.
Nobody Cares About Me Anymore
Peak in sub-genre #38
Dear Celebrities, Thank You for Making the World..
Presenting dreamy, ambient indie-pop/synth-pop that never lets up on the cheesiness... Matt was born and raised in Kansas. He started recording cheesy pop tunes when he was 14. Since then, he has recorded around 170 songs- most of them recorded primitively on his parents karaoke machine. However, since he graduated from the University of Kansas last year, he decided to splurge and buy a nifty eight-track. Thus, "My Socks Never Match" was born
Band/artist history
Electric Needle Room, aka Matt Beat, had modest beginnings under the moniker of Feedback in 1995 in the smallville of Augusta, KS. Matt began recording songs at the ripe age of 14. Some of these songs are the worst known to mankind, but they eventually became better. Throughout high school and college, Matt went on to record more than 150 songs, some of them good, most of them bearable, but all of them primitively recorded on his parents' karaoke machine. His brother, Steven, assisted him on some songs with percussion (which Matt definitely needed help on) to add some organic flavoring to the songs. Today, Matt uses a multi-track recorder for his low-fi surprises. Thus, the songs are sounding better, and the songwriting has also gotten better since the early days. His first album is finished! Let him know if you would like a copy of it. Matt has recently relocated from Lawrence to Manhattan, and will soon take over every college town in the United States.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Matt plays live occasionally with his brother Steven Beat in Manhattan, KS and the surrounding areas. Matt sings like a maniac while playing keyboard and guitar while his brother drums and smacks a cowbell every once in awhile.
Your musical influences
Radiohead, Weezer, Beck, Jon Brion, Badly Drawn Boy, The Helio Sequence, Guided by Voices, Nine Inch Nails, Green Day, Ben Folds(Five), Eels, Semisonic, Flaming Lips, Beatles, New Order, Moby, Of Montreal, Aqueduct, and so much more
What equipment do you use?
Fostex multi-track. Casio keyboards. Gibson guitars. Fender amps. Bach trumpet (rarely)
Anything else?
I hope somebody reads this.
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