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Music from rap/hip hop artist Intro / Introspect
170 songs
185K plays
Homegrown - Structure
track from Homegrown monsters album (Es, iNA, Introspect, Lep)
Homegrown - All that jazz prod GQstylez and EQ
Homegrown (Es, Lep, Intro, iNA) 2010
Bin Doin This - Es, iNA, Lep, Intro
Bin Doin This - Homegrown (Es, iNA, Lep, Intro) cuts by Dj Docta Def beat by Euphonic
Introspect - Stars
from Live N Direct Vol.3 (in the works...2009)
My Thing feat. iNA, MrBlue
Intro, iNA, MrBlue (from the iQ) - 'My Thing'
"INTROSPECT RISES" - ("The Ontarion" - 03/30/06) "Getting Introspect-ive" - ("The Ontarion" - 03/09/06) "REFLECT" CD Review - ("The Ontarion" - 03/16/06) "91.5 The Beat" Rhythm of the Future Talent Search - 2005 ... set to drop in Canada on March 14, 2006 via Addictive Records/Fontana North (formerly Maple Music)/Universal Music Canada. He has also held the #1 ranking on goldmic.com as battle champion - retaining back-to-back tournament wins. His name and reputation yield limitless praise from various internet postings, to Ian Steaman, former GM of Tommy Boy Music's Urban division who declared; "Stefan, I've been playing this CD on repeat for the last couple of weeks and I've gotta say that there's a lot of good things to be said about your music" (feat. Rebecca Valdez) is the song that wrapped up the competition on 91.5 The Beat for would be the song that was going to win it. Still, he waited and finally entered the song in the contest the day before the deadline closed. He made the top 3, then, he took the win. experience. At one point, a full on, power chord laden guitar riff rips along as is a perfect example of debut. Album cut , kicks in, steep with an enlightened philosophy and muses on all assorted happenings and obstacles that occur in life. Lyrically, it reflects on For further information, please contact; Vee Popat / vee@anger-management.ca addictive records/anger-management of the category at '' TALENT SEARCH" performed as part of the 2005 hip hop showcase; alongside with artists WordBurglar, Ok Cobra, Eternia and Mindbender" . With truly bankable beats and an unparalleled flow, is a thinking mans Hip Hop artist..." - (former General Manager of Tommy Boy Music's Urban Music) can do it all. He is basically a new version of the Super MC that the future of hip-hop needs. With great versatility in his lyrics and his flow, he's bound to make it one day. I never thought that all these aspects would come in a foreign MC that started out as a b-boy but with his love for Hip-Hop and awareness of the world around him, was born. is an artist who works profusely on his craft and if he keeps on in the direction he's going, there's nothing that can stop him." is crowned the two time Lyrical Champion at which consists of over 30, 000 Emcees." - - Introspect iQ = iNA, Punjaican, GQ stylez, Introspect
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