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Forget About The Stars
Forget About The Stars
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Screamo / Emo / Post Hardcore
Ever make a wish on shooting star? Whether or not you admit it, part of you believes that wish has a better chance of coming true, riding on the back of that star. FORGET ABOUT THE STARS. Get out there and MAKE your wishes and dreams come true. That's the motto of FORGET ABOUT THE STARS, a emo/indie band hailing from the Camel City (Winston-Salem, NC). And that's just what they're doing...since early 2005, the guys in F.A.T.S. have been playing relentless shows, and continuously gaining fans everywhere they go. "Creating A Desert" - the 3 song demo released by the band on July 31st, 2005, has sold close to 3,000 copies, at shows and online. Their full length "A Bullet For Every Wish" will be out this fall. So next time you get a chance to see this shooting star, don't miss it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, all over. Mostly NC, SC, VA & TN right now. Just got back from our mini northern tour where we played NY, NH, VA & DC.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall, Peavy, Sennheiser, Pearl, Gibson, ESP