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Laurel Varner
Laurel Varner
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Stuck In A Rut (Collab)
Peak in sub-genre #12
Jim Beam Blues (Collab/Vic & Laurel)
Peak position #4
Man of Gold (Collab)
Peak in sub-genre #58
Up The Mountain (Collab)
Peak position #52
Hard Time Blues (Collab)
Peak in sub-genre #76
I'm just a 56 year old cement mixer driver who gets laid off every winter for 3 months.I enjoy writing songs and recording them myself at home on my 8 track Boss BR864 recorder.It's just another one of my many hobbies.I just do it for kicks.Just laid back musical enjoyment. I have lots of originals and collabs on my page.My originals are are true stories about me,or people I know,or how I feel about things.Collabs are all efforts of me and my Soundclick friends.Doing collabs is my favorite thing here on Soundclick.Hope ya enjoy some of the tunes.
Band/artist history
Played in Local Bands,at taverns,weddings,benifits,4th of Jully celebrations,etc.. Also played the Rathbun Country Music Theater for a couple of years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Used to play in local bands and also Rathbun Country Music Theater which is close to where I live.Played the usual bars,weddings,benefits,etc.. I enjoyed playing out when I did,but just got tired of the driving,unloading,setting up,then tearing down,loading back up,driving back home,and unloading again.LOL Still play once in a while for local do'ins. As far as special moments,back in the 80's,my flight instructor and I went to Kansas City Mo. to pick up an airplane.Brenda Lee was playing in a hotel lobby.While I was in the rest room my instructor told her I played guitar,and when I come back,she made me get up there and sing.Not such an easy task when your plasterd.LOL.
Your musical influences
Hank Williams,Hank Jr.,Blake Shelton,Travis Tritt,John Lee Hooker,Merle Haggard,Waylon & Willie,George Jones,Faron Young,Buck Owens,Alan Jackson,Vince Gill,Ricky Scaggs,Conway Twitty,Hoyt Axton,Soggy Bottom Boys,AND NEWEST INFLUENCE RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE,"MARIA DAINES AND PAUL KILLINGTON,...
What equipment do you use?
Rolland Boss BR864 8 track recorder,Harmony electric guitar,a Jasmine Takamine flattop,Box of cheap Jambone Harmonicas,a Casio keyboard that I dont use much,and a couple $50 Radio Shack Microphones,and a MXL990 Condenser mic.Not much to work with I know,but hey,have to keep the overhead down.
Anything else?
The thing I have enjoyed most since I've come here,is the collaborating with other artists,such as,Mississippi Spud,Marshall Williams,Linda Wright,Robert Beall,Morris P. Rainville,Jody Dickey,James Odel Jr,Clem Gareau,Mark Ellis,and last,but certainly not least,my good friend Carol Sue Kirkpatrick and her husband Vic.
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