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punk rock metal progressive alternative grunge
Band/artist history
MANUMIT: Brett- Vocals,guitar David- Guitar Maiky- Vocals, bass Mary - Drums MANUMIT formed as a three piece family band in 1998. They have since become a four piece; losing one family member to marrage but gaining another, David, as rythm guitarist and a new friend and adopted family member Maiky on bass. The band also run a rehearsal/recording studio based in Camberwell, London UK. The addition of two new musicians to the line-up has led the band into a new and unexpected journey of musical discovery, yet they have still managed to retaining the Manumit escence. Their music can probably best be described as punk-metal; blending the edginess and attitude of bands like Fugazi and Shellac with the epic sounds of bands like Masterdon, Tool and Isis. A seemingly contradictionary synergy of musical genres, but one of Manumit's specialities: blending the best aspects of conflicting music styles to create new, powerful and personal music with catchy hooks and epic soundscapes. Manumit have gigged extensively across the UK from Kent to Yorkshire, too many venues to list here, and have been very well recieved. A recently recorded six song demo has also just been completed and the band are looking forward to recording a full album at their studio this summer(2006), under the working title "Warzone Diamond Deals". It is a collection of new material written since the addition of Maiky and David to the Line-up and has taken the music into a new and exciting direction.
Your musical influences
Fugazi, Tool, Masterdon, Isis, NIN, Shellac, etc.