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i like to experiment with electronics ... currantly i use strictly a hardware set up but started out in the past with a computor and than getting an electribe e
my name is the wind,i like the sounds in the world around me.I make music,noise,sound,collages,wax sculptures,poetry and thoughts.I am geared towards things that are new and/or differant.
Band/artist history
when i was in 10th grade i was failing miserably,just like the previous years...and i wanted a sampler.so i says to my mommy "mommy if i get on honor roll can i get an electribe es-1?" well she thought 500 was a bit much for what seemed like a toy but agreed seens how it wasnt likly that i start to pass let alone get on honor roll....needless to say i got the sampler with good grades...i used it along with the family computor and a keyboard i got when i was like 14 that came from radio shak...when i graduated in 2002 i got a fr-777..analog owns my soul..the 606,808 mackie sr24-4 mixing console all came as did the fr-revolution the boss analog delay/chourus,a vermona retro verb,fr-mobius,aseq-1,aural exciter type c, the rest isnt histoy yet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i play live seldomly as relocating my olympic size swimming pool full of analog hardware is to difficult...ok i lied,but it is hard to move around even alittle bit with out a mobile rig...
Your musical influences
sounds that are ,thoughts on chaos,modified fr-777's,toaster's,tr-808's,hallucinogen's,analog,mono synths,sugar
What equipment do you use?
i use things that make music and sometimes things that dont...when i use things that dont you cant hear it though so you dont know...
Anything else?
well if i were to be a paper shredder id be an inside out one
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