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Charlatanes, Reggaeton for 2007
With 2006 coming to a close and 2007 looking brighter than ever for Reggaeton, listeners should be prepared for the next artists to lock down the charts and leave an international mark on the game. Charlatanes is ready to take it beyond Reggaeton. Hailing from Harlem and Washington Heights, NYC, Charlatanes is the future. The duo of Kev and Saint Nano have blended their Dominican heritage, love for hip-hop, and background on the streets into a distinctive sound that is forcing fans, DJs, promoters, executives and music video channels to take notice of these recently-signed rising stars. We are here to change the game and put New York on the map, says Kev. Saint Nano agrees. We grew up on Latin music and New York hip-hop, but we were really only feeling hip-hop until a few years ago," he says. Charlatanes is bending the genre in innovative and progressive ways. They have recently conjoined Reggaeton and house music, and their production and delivery has been perfected to draw new listeners into the popular and continually evolving Latin music scene. The name Charlatanes has a two-fold meaning that helps guide both the music and the philosophy of Kev and Saint Nano. A charlatan means someone who hangs out on the street, doing whatever he wants. He lives with no worries, just keeps it moving, explains Saint Nano. At the same time, charlatan can be used to refer to a hustler, in slangsomeone who is out there selling his product, adds Kev. We come from the streets, we are out here living this, and we are trying to bring this definition to our music. Kev was born in Washington Heights and raised primarily in the Dominican Republic, while Saint Nano was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Harlem. The two first met while freestyling for fun on the uptown streets. This all changed with the advice of some friends and A&Rs who were so impressed each time the duo spit rhymes, that they helped convince them to pursue music seriously. Charlatanes upcoming Afuego records release will hit record stores in late 2007. The duos work ethic is palpablerather than wait for Charlatanes major-label debut, Kev and Saint Nano have kept busy constructing a massive street buzz with impressive live shows in recent months, including appearances at storied world music venue SOBs, El Museo Del Barrio, Orchard Beach, the Carnaval del Barrio festival, and Umbrella, where they shared a stage with Calle 13. The groups recording resume has been further bolstered by appearances on Dynasty & Padrinos new mixtape, as well as releases by DJs Hostile and Eddie One, D a.k.a. Bootz, and Daddy Yankees syndicated radio show, which reaches more than thirty markets across the country. Locally, Charlatanes has enjoyed spins on New York Citys La Mega 97.9 and La Calle 92.7. Last year, Kev and Saint Nano also made waves across the Atlantic in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico off the strength of their early mixtape. Saint Nano says that he simply wants to reach as many fans as possible. The only way to keep our fan base growing right now is to get as much of our music out there for free, says Kev. The fans are what I want, not the money right now. What's the point if you have all of this money but no loyal fans? Backed on the boards by Padrino, one of the hottest up-and-coming producers in Reggaeton, Charlatanes is stretching the genre in new ways. Padrino is half of the duo Dynasty & Padrino, who are also signed to Afuego Records and it seems that the mentorship Padrino offers Charlatanes is evident. We get lots of good vibes from his beats, we work well together. Padrino is more than a producer, he has become like a brother to us," says Saint Nano. With Reggaeton steamrolling over radio station formats nationwide, 2007 is the year when Charlatanes will make its mark on the urban music landscape. Charlatanes is quick to point out that Reggaeton is an international movement right now. Our product is not just for Latinos, says Kev. Its for blacks, whites, Chinese, everyone that likes hot music. Listeners of all creeds will soon get a chance to hear the sounds beyond Reggaeton, as Charlatanes is gearing up to release its official Afuego Records mixtape in January. Featuring the beats of Padrino and other hot producers, exclusive collaborations, and a voracious cocktail of Reggaeton, East Coast hip-hop, house, traditional Latin, R&B, and southern hip-hop music, Charlatanes will inspire listeners to change the way they think about Reggaeton. The future is now. For press inquiries, please contact Braden Ruddy at bradenruddy@hotmail.com. To request one, please contact management. Management: Yasser Nacel, charlatanmusic@gmail.com/ 917-945-5613 Myspace Page: http://www.myspace.com/loscharlatanes
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We frequently do shows in the tri-state area.
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