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Daxe Rexford
Daxe Rexford
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Daxe Rexford is a fat bald man who once dreamed of being a rock star. He has outgrown that silly notion, but still continues to create unpleasant music loved by
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I Been Tryin'
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Yahoo Boogie
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i am not here to entertain you. this is for information purposes, only.
Band/artist history
Daxe Rexford took lots of accordion lessons, graduated to drums, wanted to play guitar, learned to play bass and now can't do any of these things very well. He first played Tonette dressed as a French person, then fronted a weird band called Lovelace that did Frank Zappa and Black Oak Arkansas covers and his original tunes including 'The Bomb' back when it actually referred to a bomb. When Daxe was in high school he played in a popular band that specialized in Eagles and America covers and onstage gymnastics. After escaping high school, Daxe played for a time in a Las Vegas style showband with people twice his age. This caused an irreparable fixation with Lou Rawls, Barry Manilow and Natalie Cole. Jumping ship from the Rick Elder Show just as the wheels began to fall off, Daxe spent a summer burlesqueing punk rock and leaving for California. In California, Daxe dressed like Britney Spears and pretended to be Micheal Anthony from Van Halen. He may or may not have played music with Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer in California, no-one knows for certain. ;o) Returning to the East Coast, Daxe funnelled his anger towards his lying slut ex-fiance into a series of frantic and vacuous laments recorded on cheap gear fueled by tons of instant coffee. He swore to never play live again. Soon, Daxe was cajoled into playing live with the entertaining new silly-core band, The Pajama Slave Dancers. Daxe was hired to play keyboards, but was discovered to be a better guitar player than anyone else in the band, so he became the resident guitar hero instead. Five or six years of extremely drunken chaos and several LPs worth of incomparably memorable funtunes later, Daxe got tired of PSD spinning their wheels and gave up. This effectively ended Daxe Rexford's pursuit of a career in music, freeing him to create music that no-one hears or cares about...until now. Turn it up and put in your earplugs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play live anywhere they paid me. I used to enjoy whatever I remembered about it. The special moments were too many to recall, not that I could, anyways.
Your musical influences
I am influenced by everything I hear. Solid Fun, Dadavision, White Hut, 2 Mouth Luke, Sea Pigs, Burt Bachrach, Eno
What equipment do you use?
guitar, bass, voice, softsynths, fruity, acid, etc. whatever I find.
Anything else?
robots are stealing my luggage
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