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Fox & Mew - Dear Love
OASIS DUKE loves Fruity Loops!!! my music reflects the awesome versitility of the program. From remixes, to pop, to classical, to hip hop, to electronica, to original scores, to rock, this program is capable of so very much. Being a member of sound click has exposed me to what FL can REALLY do...and i.ve really enjoyed meeting people through their music. most of the song posted are what i call "snacks", or mini-songs. the full length versions of all of my songs are available upon request. Only the songs that are marked so contain samples. almost all of my music is original composition (i worship the piano roll). by 'original' i not only mean the melody is straight ot of the twisted noggin of yours truly, i also mean that no instruments ouside of the program were used. all piano work is done on the piano roll. this has given my my music quite a unique sound..if i do say so myself. (lol...i guess i just did...) i really don'f fit into a particular genre, per se... i've always pictured my music featured on a car commercial, or in a movie trailer, or when the investigators on CSI decifer and analyze their many clues...lol I am brand new to this site and am really excited about the ability to better share my music with my peers. i encourage you to take a listen and give me any feedback you wish. i appreciate honesty. and i appreciate your interest even more. so thanks for listening!
Band/artist history
i have been creating music electronically for a year now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
DJ Shadow, Robert Miles, Mr. West, Enya, too many others to mention...
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops 5, Cool Edit Pro, Cakewalk, Sound Forge
Anything else?
i just hope people enjoy my music. i really enjoy making it. :) if you download one of my songs, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ON MY BOARD telling me which song you downloaded. this way, i can get a better reading of what people like. THANKS!
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