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Exodus aka Norman Bates
Exodus aka Norman Bates
9 Tracks
hip hop
Exodus was Born in Detroit, raised in Los Angeles and Inland Empire California. His music is driven form the souls of the streets with an underground twist. Being a west coast emcee Exo knows the left coast hasn't gotten any credit over the last decade and its time for some fresh talent to bring the west back to a respectful level. He has started the lable NEW WEST ENTERTAINMENT which consist of talented artist with the drive to push the envelope with origional creativity and an innovative sound.
Band/artist history
Ive been rappin since I was about 16 perforing in high school and rippin up cyphers in the hall ways before class. Back than they use to call me Cool-aid. Than I Clicked up with Two Emcees (Ezekeal and Jerimiah) and formed Dicyples in 1995. The name Exodus was born and our click got even bigger and in 1997 GTA (Going Thru Armagedon)was born. GTA brought a breath of freah air to the hip hop table with controversal and lyrical shit. In 2005 me and Ezekeal formed NWE (new west entertainment) in which im using my wisdom, life experiences, and talent to provide people wit some real azz shit that everybody can feel...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, college campus and local clubs in Cali. I love performin cuz it gives me an unbeleivable rush and satisfaction like some drug or somethin. and craziest moment when my chain broke while I was performin. Still held it together tho...
Your musical influences
Tupac, Public Enemey, NWA, Ras kass, E-40, and RZA
What equipment do you use?
da mic
Anything else?
yeah u got rap?
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