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David Floodstrand
David Floodstrand
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Jazz, Blues, Cabaret, R&B, Nu Jazz, Ecclectic Rock & Roll cover tunes, sung in English, French, and Portuguese.
When Sunny Gets Blue
David Floodstrand is a DJ, Songwriter, Vocalist and Producer.
Band/artist history
I was also in a number of bands, most noteably Eight and One Half (8 1/2) of which I was a founding member with my brother R. Lewis Floodstrand. We played throughout the midwest, and headlined in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Detroit. Eight and One Half also toured with New Order, Killing Joke, The Thompson Twins, and Lene Lovich, to name a few. Perhaps our most memorable show was at the UIC Pavillion, where we opened up for Roxy Music in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 in our hometown of Chicago. Eight and One Half was managed for a number of years by the Firm's Peter Katsis, who now manages P. Ditty, The Backstreet Boys, Dixie Chicks, Kelly Clarkson, Nickelback, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and at one time managed Ministry. Eight and One Half was shelved with the death of my brother and musical collaborator R. Lewis Floodstrand in 2013.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I recently relocated back to Chicago, and I am working on getting my Jazz Duo out working regularly. I have a few fine pianists I am working with, Bob Dogan and Tommy Muellner, and also a great guitarist Edward Yeo. I can also add musicians to make it a trio, quartet, all the way up to a 10 piece big band. Since my return to Chicago I have sung at The Green Mill, Mayne Stage/Act One Pub, Chambers Restaurant, Mario's Mondo Cafe, Mrs. O'Leary's, Ole Lounge, and DeVine Restaurant. I am booked for DJ work through the New Year, and adding new dates all the time.
Your musical influences
As a club DJ of over 20 years, I have been introduced to so much great music. On this site however I think my primary foucus will be Jazz oriented vocals. My taste is pretty ecclectic. I love Sinatra, I grew up on Chet Baker, Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross, Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, and modern classical composers like Stravinsky, Debussey, Copeland, and Bartok. But, my work as a Club DJ brought me in contact with Chicago House music legends like Vince Lawrence, and Frankie Knuckles, and Industrial music groups like, Ministry, Front242, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, many of which I knew quite well and worked with in a professional capacity. I have also produced music for other artists from Jazz to Industrial music on my Criterion International label.
What equipment do you use?
For writing, and re-mixing I use a Mackie Universal Control, Yamaha MW12 USB Mixer, and computer based software. I use Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Adobe Audition, Cubase, and Pro Tools, also various keyboards, and VST plug-ins. For keyboards I use an M-Audio 88 key, semi-weighted performance piano, M-Audio Oxygen8, and a Trigger Finger, and a Rode NT-1 mic. I have a studio that is, and probably will always be, a work in progress.
Anything else?
I am interested in recording vocals on other peoples projects.
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