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Don Ramos
Don Ramos
15 Tracks
Nottingham Soundscape
Ramos welcomes you. Step inside and have a listen.
Band/artist history
Started in the early nineties, playing around with an Amiga 500 and some shabby (to todays standard) sequencers and production tools - you try and fit a track on a single floppy disk! Following that I picked up the guitar in '93 and hit that hard, gaining much needed musical theory and ear whilst sharpening up the writing and construction skills. As I got older my tastes changed, but not the high tempo, and got into DnB scene about '96 but didn't start mixing until '98. After some years mixing tracks I had the urge again to get back into production, picked up a pc and lost all my spare time in one quick swoop.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Now and again. Stuck in studio however.
Your musical influences
imi Hendrix,Led Zeppelin, Gibson, B.B.King, John Lee Hooke,Muddy Waters,b.l.o.w. , Freda, Gary Moore, Napalm Death, Metallica, Wes Mongomery,Carlos Santana, Randy Rhodes,Portishead, Zakk Wylde, Rolling Stones, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, London Elektricity, The Eagles, Adam F, The Doors, The Police, RATM, The Black Crowes, Spinal Tap, Bad News, Kraftwerk, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley ,Salad, Terry Callier, Kool Herc, Lynyrd Skynyrd , Ozzy, Shed 7, Kool G Rap, Warren G, Ice Cube, Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Veruka Salt [!] Santo & Johnny, Tom Morello, Django Reinhardt , Les Paul, Prodigy, Erykah Badu, Lee Perry, The Upsetters, BeatStreet, Lemmy, Motorhead, 'Fast Eddie', 'Philthy Phil Taylor, Kojak, Extreme, Beastie Boys, Sex Pistols, Peter Green, Curtis Mayfield, The Big Bopper, Dave Gilmore, Bill Bryson, Howard Marks, Stuart Pearce, 'Cloughie', Jurassic 5, Dillinga, Eric Clapton, Sting, David Bowie, Reprazent, Goldie, Makoto, Peshay, Bryan Gee, Fernanda Porto, Teen Wolf, Mitch Mitchell, Air, Cassius 99, Rakim, Del La Soul, TribeCalledQuest, BNH, Musique Concrete, Gil Scott Heron, Claude Debussy, Fred Dibnah, Boris Karloff, Nervous Norvous, Jk, John Williams, Patife, Marky, John-B, Fabio, Grooverider, James Brown, Monks of Keo Brewery, Calibre, LTJ Bukem + MC Conrad, Sonic, EZ Rollers, Lady Roller, Roni Size, Robert Owens, Jorge Ben Johr, Dj Shadow, James Lavelle, Steve Wheelhouse, Taxi El Benno, Mr G, Jt, Pbank, and of course my girl and my family___and other friends not mentioned, yet... Clubs/pubs/Events_________________________________________________ THE BOMB, The Ballroom, Rock City, The End, Swerve, Spectacle, Czech Bar(Czeh), The Rig, The Sloop, The Board, The Durham Ox, The Vic, Stealth, Movement..Detonate.. Epic albums_________________________________________________________ Aja, Dark Side of the Moon, Entroducing, Watercolours, Led Zep III+IV, Jimi Hendrix Blues, Weekend World, New Forms, Musique Concrete, Chapter One (!)
What equipment do you use?
Ableton Live 5+6, a Les Paul, Zoom effects, a mouse, keyboard and a good red and green.
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