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Shannon Leynn Gallant
Shannon Leynn Gallant
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The Dark Side Of The Disco Ball...
Review by Lew Wirt - Pagan Radio Network: While many musical artists don't like being compared to other artists, I'm about to do it anyway... hopefully in the complimentary way I intend it. Remember back in the late 90's when Tori Amos was a big thing? For some reason, Shannon Gallant's music reminds me of a much darker and hotter Tori. Her shadowy melodies and haunting vocals seem to be driven from a personal and emotional creative well within Shannon herself. The result is a sound that is quite unique, which makes comparing her to anyone else rather pointless. Buy our tracks from indiestore.com Every vocal is an improvisation.I never write anything down.I conjure up an atmosphere and let the madness begin.Pro Tools and I have a mad love affair as well as my piano and Motif. People often ask why I have a heart that swings on the dark side of the disco ball. So here's my life story thus far........ Born on April 8th 1974 to a mostly non existent father. Who, of native American decent,made a deal with the devil as far back as I can remember. And mother who hails from a family of Irish decent with mental illness in practically each member starting back as far as the eye could see. My mothers first love unfortunately has always been cocaine and violence. This emerged more profusely after the divorce of course that took place in a courtroom where the nuns from my catholic school had to testify to extreme child abuse committed by my mother. The nuns also testified to my mother showing up on campus with fire arms when picking me,my brother, and sister up from school and shouting...''if your bastard father tries to come pick you kids up he'll be shot..shot dead. Right in front of you''. The parents and children of St. Joeseph where so sorry for us. I felt sorry for my mothers madness for my mothers constant pain. Everyone new our horrible business and they couldnt believe there eyes or ears. My mother abused me so badly up and down both arms one time the nuns hid me in the convent for two weeks. During this time sister Irene started my introduction to piano in exchange for my voice at mass each Wednesday and Sunday. The sisters, most of whom had a touch of ''darkness'',where very strict and cold from lack of having there own life and lack of learning anything of real truth. Two of them tried to help in there own ignorant way and I will not forget them . The priests were not to be trusted on the other hand and one later came to be charged by a court of law and got his own ''wrath of god''. Now enough of my enchanted childhood lets move on to my young adult years. I lived in Newport Beach/ The OC where ,Hed PE, Sublime, Sugar Ray,and Korn where all playmates in the same playground/ The OC. I inevitably got the trip hop rock bug,drug bug,sex bug....you name it I was addicted to it! I found a new outlet for all my anger and sadness. In the middle of all this self indulgence and destruction my brother had a very bad episode nearest to death. His will was robbed and heart lay broken bleeding still from or childhood. My father who we had not seen in years showed up to the hospital. My brother hated this man and it only made matters worse. When released my father vanished once again although promising to help and the grand story of how much he loved and missed us. So my brother came to stay with me and so did my sister. Now a three bedroom in Los Angeles oh,.. yes I had made the move to LA to follow my dream .... the rent was outrageous. My brother couldnt work yet and my sister made minimum wage which is nothing and we needed to be together so to pay rent and still pursue my dream I followed in the footsteps of one of my best friends'' C'' a dancer who made her own schedule and great money around her demanding medical school classes . Her, I,and'' B ''where like sisters. Went to grade school,junior high,high school and lived together right out of high school for six years in the OC. So my brother and sister with me in LA and me dancing on the nights I didnt have gigs or rehearsals. That was life for a while. I drove from LA to Orange County to work in a ''club'' where I wouldnt run into anyone I new. I didnt sleep much those days but I managed to sell all my Whisky a go go and Roxy tickets to all the sweet and supportive customers at the ''club''. This ensured weekend bookings on the coveted Sunset strip. I saved enough to buy my own PA and home studio equipment. The'' club'' was dangerous and unpredictable with fire arms for sale in the back and drugs in the front. All the while the hardcore gang''star'' bouncers are selling the goods and making more money then the best dancers! They ran a tight ship around that place let me tell you!!!!!!!!!!! There were nightly fights and people being robbed. Oddly enough those big hard as stone cold bouncers where my biggest fans. Treated me like a little sister. Wouldnt let anyone harm me or get too close and never missed a big show. Nither did the girls. They sold my tickets for me and made there customers buy my home made cd's. I guess they saw me realizing a dream. A dream not most really follow through with. So instead of following there own they took a little piece of mine. I gladly shared my dreams and heart with each and every one of them. They were my heart! Kept me going when I wanted to stop and give up! They'd all car pool down to each show and spend, scream,and cheer all night and at almost every show. Then the worst news of my life,....my best friend called me at 5am at the studio one night to tell me'' B''(my best friend in the world,my sister) had been found in Huntington Beach in a ditch out cold and had been raped. I rushed to Western Medical where she lay in a coma for two days and where the doctors said she would not be able to recover. So I lay beside her in her hospital bed with my boom box singing to her hoping she'd wake up. She'd used to love to hear me sing. She never woke up . The song ''Purgatory'' is for her and for me I guess. This broke her family who was like my own in half. She was killed first and then raped. Detectives followed me around trying to get to the killer using me as bate. It was someone we new. Who made us sandwiches at the local deli. I later went on KROQ to warn girls about the dangers of riding your bike at night in Huntington beach. Telling them it's not as safe as you think! This infuriated the Huntington Beach police because they didnt want to add any more bad publicity to there cities name. After all there were still young girls walking around at night after this rapist/killer had been on the streets for two weeks and the police new of this! He had tried to rape three girls already one jumped out of a car to save herself!! We were never warned and my best friend died! This monster got the DEATH penalty only after two hours of jury deliberation. I was so happy California had the death penalty. After this I left LA , the gigs, the Club,the hurt..all of it and headed for Japan. Got a gig singing in a night club in Shinjuku . Now during the day a model agency got me a gig with coca cola Japan. I was the queen of evil in a futuristic thrasher roller blade musical. I sent my money home for my family and my music fund. When I returned from Japan LA was so stale to me. The booker of the Whisky a go go called me with an offer to be seen for a show done by Vh1 Following ''up and coming artists'' on the hard road to success. So I was living in front of a camera for a while . Suddenly my mother came down with cancer and the cameras wanted follow me to the hospital . I aggressively declined among other things that went south. My mother recovered slowly with the aid of my brother,sister,and I. Burned out and still not being able to produce myself and create my own music. I jumped into the underground and found an amazing brothel jazz sextet in a more comfortable sexy virtuoso musical scene.The shows where artistic and shocking. As was my brief love affair with Miles Davis' son. Fellow musician and a very close friend. I was well on my way to becoming an artist even I'd admire . My sound was brewing it just took an angelic Englishman and a new country. So yet again I yearn for something more and leave. Yes, I left the city of ''lost angels'' and made my way to Athens,Greece to model and to make music. Now oddly enough for the second time as my fate would have it. I met yet again this amazing Englishman and not very long after our first months together I left with him to start a Taverna in Corfu,Greece. To leave all the pain and pressure behind me. There I wrote my first real amazing piece of music and I really began to understand and appreciate who the hell I was. For the first time in my life I had someone wanting me to just work on my music. Really believing in this very dark, pure ,and lovely sound. It was weird not to wake up without fear every morning. Well at least the fear lay to rest for a few months. At a very rapid pace the elders in the village in which I lived in Corfu got very angry at me performing this ''demonic infectious noise'' for there kids. All the teenagers and young adults where my friends and used to come and have drinks in my Taverna after they finished there jobs. It was quite the ''hot spot'' The elders didnt like this one bit! . Me making a profit off of poisoning there children. I was seen as a ''very bad girl'' with tattoos too!! Not to mention no longer a Catholic! They became enraged kept my mail at the local post office along with my renewed passport . Lay poisoned meat out for my doggy and dumped trash in my house on a daily basis. I was refused to buy groceries from my local market(owned by the elders) and refused at local gas stations(again the elders) .Got to the point where we had to pay off the police just to keep our music licence. They wanted to close us down and did! The money ran out and so did our spirits. It put a tremendous strain on our relationship as one could imagine. So I and doggy head back home for a while without he who saved me. Did I mention we originally met in LA? An Englishman in America. He caught one of my jazz shows. So I'm back in LA with doggy two lost angels in Los Angeles. Just what LA needs more lost angels ! A couple months go by and there he is again to rescue me my English man and I once again to rescue him. So now Both broke from our endeavors but not broke surprisingly in spirit. We enter into his homeland.... England! Ah...England she's Dark and old. Mysterious,cold and lovely. The brightest green I've ever seen and the most chilling of spirits that roam through these old walls and talk to me in ancient tongues. Classical and medieval. I've found sound. It's like I've been here once before. Long long ago.... a concubine perhaps dictating my works to Shakespeare . After all I've settled right near his birth place. I am deep in the beautiful country side just out side of a fairytale .........Bath, UK . So thus far, although not all told, this has been my life. This has made my sound. Only thus Far! And I'm happy to add my mother is become a brand new ''wonderful'' woman and my brother alive and well!!! The hero I always knew!!! My sister?....Engaged and in love! There has been light at the end of this tunnel....and hopefully more to come!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Harvelles me and the Toledo show...Santa Monica.ca...and New Years Eve at the Whisky a go go..Sunset Strip...those were pretty amazing shows!
Your musical influences
classical music..air...water...fire..passion..violence..miles davis..tricky...too many to type.
What equipment do you use?
My beloved piano,pro tools,and the yamaha motif,my...mind,heart,and time.
Anything else?
Hope you enjoy.Thanks for your visit!!!
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