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Mariposa's Demise
Mariposa's Demise
4 Tracks
We're a post hardcore, alternative emo, screamo punk rocking band!
Between The Blame and The Sorry
Peak in sub-genre #95
5guys,3bleedingVoice;1Mind Swirling Sound...
Band/artist history
Brief history:Mariposa's Demise, Datu, or Killer Champolas was the result when the former Wangbu band members, Eli and Eman (kapatiders) teamed up with Josh (boy nguso) who was caught stealing bananas at the food market. He sang Agent Orange by Slapshock, and felt the rock out prescence of being in a band. Meanwhile, Mico (boy bakat) was walking down the road and was given a bass guitar by the almighty Mike (yung sa counteran). After that he kicked some bassline ass with the band. Being completed as a 4 man band, they jammed with Dru (boy-oyong) at his garage. Eli asked him if he wanted to hump his leg, but Dru said "No thank you, i'll join your band now." After this, the earth shook, thunder arose, and the cock said cock-a-doodle-doo then boom! They became the Killer Champolas. However, the name was way to sweet and delicious for their looks, resulting to a new name which is now Mariposa's Demise...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live and we love it!We're a bay area band so most likely you will get to see us play In San Francisco or any where around the bay!lolz!
Your musical influences
90's Grunge bands, Incubus, Slipknot, Disturbed, Stained, Mudvayne, KITTIE, Cradle Of Filth, Chevelle, Deftones,Korn,SOAD, Thursday,Taking Back Sunday, 10 Years, APC, Saosin, Dashboard Confesional,Secondhand Serenade, Armor for Sleep, OPM bands like Slapshock, Chicosci, Cheese, Greyhoundz, Dictalicense, Typecast, Urbandub, Rivermaya, 13 Needles etc
What equipment do you use?
Josh - Vox1/Djembe Dru - Vox2/Lead Eli - Vox3/Rythm Mico - Bass Eman - Drums
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