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Whaddup doe! Shaboy Tony S. nuthin much to say except that I eat, sleep, shit, and breathe music. Hip Hop is so precious to me and it's my first true love so I can honestly say it aint goin nowhere (even if it seems dead). If it is then Im here to resurrect it with the help of hip hop connisuers. Listen and love the music and hopefully you'll notice the progress as the songs come along..... -The Golden Child
Band/artist history
Been doin' this every since I could remember. Form beatin on tables to beatboxin' to the old Yamaha keyboards to everything new and digital....I been rockin'.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nah...I like behind the scenes work anyway...but that is where most artist get they bread at... But I love to see live performances, that takes skill, it shows how dope the artist really is or isnt.
Your musical influences
As far as rappers go..the usual suspects... Jay Nas Biggie Pac Shyne Face Murs Little Brother Lupe Fiasco Stimuli Big L Pun Raekwon Black Thought Talib Kweli Com Sense A lot of cats...the classic-kickspitters But beats are my true true love.... J Dilla, before his passing, I was and still am the biggest studier (in my own opinion of course), fan, and student of his. He molded the Detroit MoTown sound thats been unduplicable. He is the definition of what creativity in motion is...A beautiful mind, soul, and talent. May he rest in harmony. Some of the other producers I really dig are.... Premo Dre Just Blaze Black Milk Kanye No I.D. Pete Rock Large Pro 9th Wonder Diamond D Swizz the Hitmen Hitman Timbo The King Danja Etc. A lot of cats...as long as its good music, we movin...
What equipment do you use?
I first got a Yamaha PSR 280 when I was like 14 goin' on 15...still use it...and I use this lil' thing called Fruity Loops...like everybody and they damn mama!
Anything else?
I'm tired of rap today, I miss the vintage sound. Not neccesarily the early 90's stuff, but good music in general...but when music was real music. I wanna tap into that sound, but of course, I'm still learnin'....Other than that...enjoy. 1Hunnid.
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