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e~Wai: bringin' a fresh sound to each track; got something everyone can enjoy, something that will speak to everyone regardless of where they're at in life.
e-Wai (Timothy McMahon) is American, born in upstate New York in 1988, grew up in South-East China from 1995-2008, and currently resides in the greater Seattle area. He combines depth and humor, personal experiences in life, as well as English and Chinese, into his songs.
Band/artist history
Born in 1988, E-Wai began writing poetry at a young age, and when his siblings began to get into hiphop dance and music around 1999/2000, he soon realized that rap integrated poetry and music in a unique blend, and channelled his love for poetry and deep lyricism into an even deeper love for hiphop. He never 'began' writing - it's always been what he does. He's been performing and recording since 2007, and is looking to release an album in late 2010 or early 2011.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
E-Wai worked the mic at several nightclubs in KunMing, China (in YunNan, a western province) throughout 2007, participated in the SouthWest China Freestyle Battle Tournament hosted in KunMing in October 2007, losing only in the semifinals to the eventual winner. He also performed throughout Southeastern and Western China, at clubs, concerts, venues both small and big (anywhere from with friends on a street corner to a nationally televised concert attended by 10K+). Now residing in the greater Seattle area, e-Wai has for the most part remained in seclusion as far as performances go, but still writes and records. He performed his heart-wrenching single 'Dear Baby' at East Side Foursquare Church in Bothell, WA, dropped some Spirit-filled freestyle at SonRise Chapel in Everett, WA, during Represent Conference, and although lingering below the surface for now, is beginning to resurface, this time on the Western side of the globe! Keep your eye out for him if you're in the Pacific North West!
Your musical influences
His brother and sister, as was previously mentioned; they heavily influenced his early interest in hip-hop. eminem//youngtown//crossmovement//andre benjamin//lacrae//wong lee hom
What equipment do you use?
Whatever is available when needed.
Anything else?
Passion without discipline is wasted. Love not acted upon is not love. Keep your eyes out for e-Wai at a local venue near you!
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