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Eric VanLandingham
Eric VanLandingham
2 Tracks
Heavy guitar rock/Progressive metal, written and performed entirely by Eric VanLandingham
Zombie Apocalypse
Peak in sub-genre #40
From The Outside
Peak in sub-genre #46
Amazing Grace
Heavy, melodic, guitar based music with deep lyrical content. If you like a good horror story then check out the "Meet My Demons" concept album. "A concept album that reads like a horror novel and sounds like Hell" "Meet My Demons" is the result of five years of hard work on not only writing the music, lyrics, recording, arranging, but five years of intense research to uncover the reasons behind the disorder that causes such hell in a persons mind. What causes it and how to stop it, those are the two most important questions faced during this entire struggle. The demons? These are the worst demons in existence, the demons of ones own mind, the demons that live inside you, that refuse to go away. They are speaking to you in your sleep, they are screaming at you while you are awake. 1000 voices, each with it's own opinion, each insisting on being louder than the rest...maddening
Band/artist history
My musical history is so huge, I can't possibly say it all. Here are some key events. I jammed with Darryl of Pantera for about 4 hours, he seemed to think I was great. I opened for Ace Frehley in Chicago at CUBBY BEARS. I have toured 26 states as the vocalist/guitarist in a Metallica tribute called "DAMAGE INC". My first CD produced three radio hits in Michigan, one of which hit the top 100 requests of 1999. I am versed in live and studio performance. Am a studio and live engineer, and play Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and sing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I am in a couple bands, SLAVE that supports the CD, and Bottom Feeders. I also own a club in Michigan where we have played. I was also the "James figure" in the country's best Metallica tribute called "DAMAGE INC". Special moments were all the touring we did over the country. I have also played (in the same band) with Dimebag Darryl of Pantera.
Your musical influences
Nightwish, Tarja Turunen, Testament, Pantera, King Diamond, Kiss, Queensryche, Megadeth, Savatage...
What equipment do you use?
Rocktron, Roland, Peavey, Digitech, Mackie design, Crate, Tama, Sabian, DR, Hartke
Anything else?
Meet My Demons is a concept album, the story of a mentally disturbed, anxiety ridden man. Excellent production, story artwork and performance.